Megyn Kelly gets heated about Trump verdict, puts Clintons, Obamas and Bidens on notice for their turn

Conservative commentator Megyn Kelly battled with a leftist Thursday after he dared to argue that former President Donald Trump’s guilty verdict was on the up and up.

Appearing on NewsNation host and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams’ show, she cried foul when Abrams had the nerve to say “there was definitely wrongdoing” on Trump’s part.

“What was it?” Kelly demanded to know.

Listen to Abrams’ answer below:

(Video Credit: NewsNation)

“Alright, number one, it’s $130,000 to a porn star to keep her quiet, to try to protect your campaign. Can we at least agree that’s wrong?” he replied.

“How was it wrong?” Kelly pushed back. “I don’t know what kind of weird marriage these two have. Same as I didn’t know what kind of weird marriage Bill and Hillary Clinton had.”

“So I don’t know what their covenant is in terms of what he’s allowed to do on the outside of his marriage,” she added.

Abrams immediately fired back, “I’m not talking about the sex. I’m talking about the $130,000 to keep [Stormy Daniels] quiet to protect his campaign.”

“It’s not immoral,” Kelly argued. “There’s nothing wrong with that at all. Nothing.”

The conversation grew even more heated when Abrams asked Kelly whether she at least believed that Trump had falsified business records.

“I don’t know what he did,” Kelly claimed, prompting Abrams to snap.

“What does that mean?!” he barked. “We just had a whole trial! We heard every detail of this! How can you not know?”

Kelly in turn pointed out that the former president’s payout to Daniels could “easily” be classified “as a legal expense” and that there’s “nothing illegal about paying hush money for an NDA.”

“There’s not, but when you’re doing it to protect your campaign, it is. That’s the difference,” Abrams fired back.

“What law are you citing, Dan?” Kelly asked.

“Campaign finance laws!” Abrams exclaimed.

“Wrong!” Kelly snapped. “You don’t know what you’re talking about! You’re wrong!”

“Explain to me then. Tell me what I’m getting wrong,” Abrams retorted.

“It does not amount to a campaign contribution if it is the kind of payment that could ever be made outside of the campaign context,” Kelly noted.

“That’s not the standard,” Abrams claimed. “The standard is substantiality.”

“It’s not,” Kelly protested.

“It is!” Abrams insisted.

Meanwhile, during an appearance on her own podcast, Kelly warned that turnabout is fair play.


(Video Credit: The Megyn Kelly Show)

“You just wait, and it won’t be Hunter Biden the next time — it’s going to be Joe Biden,” she said. “It could potentially still be Barack Obama. It could still potentially be Hillary Clinton.”

“We’re going to have to look at what the statutes of limitations are on the various crimes they surely committed. We’re going to have to look at passing laws to revive those dead crimes, felonies, or misdemeanors so that those cases can be brought out of time. The only way to save the Republic now is to give them a taste of their own medicine,” she added.

She went on to compare the Democrats to a wolf that just “tasted blood” and argued that the only way to prevent the wolf from “coming back for more” was “if he loses a limb of his own.”

“Who’s getting indicted next?” she asked rhetorically. “Joe Biden? Maybe Jill Biden? How low can we go? You may not want to see it. That ship has already left port. That horse has left the barn. That’s where we’re going.”

“So before you celebrate too much over at MSNBC and CNN, who are positively gleeful, gleeful over this absurd conviction, you wait and ask yourself, ask yourself what kind of Pandora’s box has been opened here?” she added.

All this comes after Trump was found guilty Thursday of falsifying business records to cover up a payment that was made to porn star Stormy Daniels to keep her silent about an affair the two had.

The guilty verdict prompted an outpouring of outrage from the right, with many suggesting America’s legal system just suffered a massive blow to its credibility.


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