Tim McGraw partnered with Planet Fitness and he’s ‘about to find out what #Budlighted means!’

Country music superstar Tim McGraw drew the ire of fans when he announced that he’s partnered with Planet Fitness, the transgender-friendly national gym chain.

Like Bud Light and Target, Planet Fitness was the target of boycotts over its promotion of a lifestyle that millions of Americans find to be repulsive after an incident in one of its outlets in which an elderly woman customer was banned after complaining about a man shaving in the ladies dressing room.

The backlash cost the company at least $400 million, but it wasn’t enough to scare off McGraw who in a since-deleted tweet and post to Instagram, shilled for the controversial company, inviting his fans to sign up and get their first month free.


The award-winning singer, who has three daughters, was called out by the popular Libs of TikTok account.

“Country Singer Tim McGraw announced a new partnership with Planet Fitness. Tim has 3 daughters. @TheTimMcGraw do you feel comfortable letting your daughter use PF knowing a man can expose himself to her and PF will defend the man because that’s their policy? Do you support this?” LOTT asked.

McGraw responded by blocking Libs of TikTok.

The singer then posted what seemed to be an effort to engage in damage control, saying that the proceeds would benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

“Tim McGraw partnered with Planet Fitness and will be donating the proceeds to Boys and Girls Clubs of America,” scoffed LOTT. “They’re pretending to care about young boys and girls. They don’t seem to care though that young girls are being forced to share locker rooms with men in Planet Fitness’ facilities.”

The reaction from X users could be a sign “Tim McGraw Is About to Find Out What #Budlighted Means.”

Planet Fitness and other brands that have become evangelists for the transgender agenda have now become toxic and McGraw’s decision to hook up with the chain could come back to haunt him.

Chris Donaldson


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