Michael Matteo: Private schools ‘queer inclusive’ curriculum

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One of the only benefits of the COVID pandemic was that parents were able to find out what their children were learning as a result of online classes that were funneled into their homes.  Many were shocked and dismayed at the subject matter and the lack of objectivity on the part of supposedly trusted “professional” educators.

Most of the criticism for what people saw involved public school classrooms and teachers, but recently Breitbart News has reviewed documents and teacher trainings by the National Association of Private Schools (NAIS) and exposed a “queer inclusive” curriculum.  The curriculum targets students as young as pre-kindergarten and thru grade 8 and during an hour long training workshop that was reviewed by Breitbart News, educators were instructed about the subjects of how to teach sex, sexuality and gender equality.

According to a lecturer, Pre-K students are instructed about their physical body parts (penises and vaginas) and discuss whether or not these body parts make someone a boy or girl.  The lecturer went on to explain that students would be asked “what do they feel like inside, do they feel like a boy or a girl?”  How many 4 year olds do you know that can express what is occurring in their psyche?

A different lecturer (the leader) went on to talk about how in 2nd grade (at 7 years old) students “ought to be taught about gender identity” and the consequences of what they can do if their “head and heart” don’t match with their body parts.  She described the 5th grade curriculum (age 10) and described how students should be educated about internal and external genitalia, hormones, chromosomes, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation.

The most concerning conclusion about NAIS, according to Breitbart News, is for accredited schools to “make an effort to remove and dismiss parents from involvement in or knowledge of conversations about sexuality between teachers and students.” They label parent concerns about what is being taught as “Puritan Speak.”  A screengrab from an NAIS conference presentation that was titled: “Getting Ready to get Ready: How to Implement a PK-5 Sexuality Curriculum” had the following phrases listed under the category of “Puritan Speak:”

  • That’s my job.
  • They’re just not “ready.”
  • That’s too much too soon
  • They’re too young to know that.
  • Won’t they lose their innocence?
  • But, what if my child isn’t ready?
  • But what if they tell other children?
  • Don’t you have to wait until they ask?
  • But what if they keep on asking questions?
  • You’re just trying to put ideas in their heads!

In other words, teachers are being instructed to ignore the cultural values, religious concerns and opinions of parents who pay tuition to have their students indoctrinated.  They categorize legitimate concerns with the negative phrase, “Puritanical,” which is a common leftist tactic of diminishing anyone who disagrees with their demands.

The Breitbart article went on to show posters that appear in schools of cartoon whales who are labeled as “pansexuwhale,” “bisexuwhale” and “asexualwhale.”  A book in the library that is accessible to students titled: Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe, has an illustration of a boy performing oral sex on another boy.

It is one thing to be anti-bully or to teach children to respect one another, which are positive things that are worthwhile to teach in a classroom.  However, to teach 4 year olds, who are possibly 1 year removed from potty training, about penises and vaginas and to discuss sexual topics robs them of their innocence and this is NOT a puritanical view, it’s an honest one.  I have been a teacher for almost 40 years in both public and private schools, and good schools work with parents; they don’t ignore parental involvement because developing a mentally healthy adult requires everyone to work together with the child’s welfare in mind.

Denying that maturity levels are tied to sexual behavior is a fatal flaw in this kind of thinking.  The Rene Guyon Society, an organization that advocates sexual relationships with children had the motto, “Sex before 8 or it’s too late.” This disgusting phrase illustrates the mindset of sick people, who will destroy innocent children if permitted to do so.  Schools that ask students to declare their gender or demand student understand the complex aspects of sexuality in Pre-K or even in grade 8, are abusing and confusing children with their rhetoric. It comes from a teacher, so it must be right, is what many children think.  How many 4 year olds think about their penis as anything other than what they do to urinate?  How many 7 year olds know anything about intercourse or even what it is?

Allowing for students to develop naturally as children have worked since the beginning of time, and addressing areas of sexual education when children are mentally, emotionally, and physically ready to comprehend it, is responsible education.  Confusing young children who have no idea what certain words and phrases mean at a young age, and who might equate such things the way they do when they talk to pretend or imaginary friends leads to confusion and the potential for serious emotional issues as they enter their teens (a time when most psychologists agree is one of the most challenging phases of life in terms of emotional development). In the case of talking to imaginary friends, children grow out of it.  Yet, when a biological male is told by an authority figure that he can choose to be a female, it is this suggestion that, if reinforced by years of this kind of education, could lead to serious issues as the boy becomes a teenager and adult. The phase has now become a life choice.

Why don’t we teach organic chemistry, the writings of Spinoza or advanced calculus in Pre-K or even grades 8?  The answer is quite simple: Students aren’t academically ready for it.  However, those who advocate teaching students to choose their genders, understand the emotional components of sexuality while they are under 10 years old, (despite all the research that contradicts these views) have ignored the damaging impact they are doing to these children who are not mentally or emotionally ready to learn about these things.  It is one thing, in a health or biology class, to teach about the biology of bodies, menarche, discuss chromosomal differences between the sexes and other things that are based upon scientific fact, however, when the line is crossed and highly subjective and questionable material is introduced into a classroom, it is time for parents to step in and say, “You’re not exposing my child to this.”

In a world where students in other countries are focusing on high level math and science courses, there is no discussion about sexuality or their choice of gender, especially not primary school children.  These individuals find their own way without the guidance of teachers who force them to make choices they are not prepared to make.  They discover their own identity, which is not forced upon them, and they do what is necessary to function in the society in which they live.  The obsession of so-called educators to prioritize sexualizing children, at the expense of teaching important skills, such as reading, math and science must be scrutinized by parents because, in the long run, parents are the ones who suffer when their children suffer due to forced aberrations in the developmental process.


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