Michael Matteo: Two Americas

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Each day there is some news that some celebrate and others chastise.  Today it was the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, which was celebrated by conservatives and denounced by liberals.  You hear the term “battle ground” states when it comes to voting in blue and red states, but America has become a battle ground country where people have become so polarized by issues that they see other Americans as the enemy because of their political views.  Issues involving abortion, crime, education, the economy and other vital aspects of society are viewed very differently depending upon the vantage point of a liberal vs conservative, a democrat vs a republican or from people of different generations.  Most baby boomers have very different opinions from millennials in today’s America.  Sadly, both sides are staunch, uncompromising and quick to vilify opposing views in a country that ironically is called the “United” States.  However, America is far more divided than united on many issues.  

The Civil War was a painful and key event in American history.  Had the South been triumphant, there would have been two Americas, but the Union won and the nation remained unified.  Since then the U.S. has had issues, been a determining factor in two world wars and has been recognized around the world as a super power.  Yet today, nations around the world have both quietly and publicly recognized cracks in the foundation of America.  They see a weakened nation where many cities have record numbers of homicides and crime, that has an educational system that is obsessed with sexualizing young children at the expense of teaching these kids fundamental skills, and “leadership” that does everything but lead.

Each state has politicians who are either loved or hated by those living in the state.  Yet, the irony here is that the growth in states are almost always from people leaving blue states like New York and California for red ones like Florida and Texas.  Despite this fact, many of those leaving the blue states maintain their “blue” perspectives and complain about red state’s conservative policies when they arrive.  The irony, of course, is that if these escapees were so dedicated to the political ideology of their blue state leaders, they should have remained there.  

Imagine, if you will, “red” America and “blue” America, if the states were divided into two nations.  Blue America would be predicated on popular liberal (wokeness) and their residents would be governed by the following standards (feel free to add to the list):

  1. The 2nd Amendment would be repealed and no one would be allowed to carry a gun.
  2. Criminals would be allowed to commit crimes of property and police would not be allowed to arrest them if they steal under X amount of dollars.
  3. Abortion would be legal even moments before a woman was about to give birth to a living baby.
  4. Police departments would be defunded to the point where there would be far fewer police, if any, patrolling cities.
  5. State universities would be free and paid for by tax payers and all debts that were previously incurred in these states at these universities would be absorbed by tax payers and workers who went to trade schools.
  6. People would be prosecuted, punished or faced with the loss of jobs for not using the pronouns chosen by individuals identifying as something other than what they appear to be and rigid speech codes would be imposed by state disinformation boards.
  7. Math, science and English will be replaced courses that promote transgenderism, critical race theory and socialist economic theories in public schools of these states.
  8. Merit will be replaced by rigid quotas to be filled with traditionally marginalized people from these groups to create more diverse landscapes in schools, universities and work places.
  9. All drugs would be legalized.
  10. State income taxes would heavily penalize high income earners and state taxes would ensure that the “rich” would pay their fair share.  This would put a cap on the amount of money a person could earn or will to his heirs, and anything earned that exceeded state cap amounts would be confiscated by the state government and redistributed.
  11. All athletes who declare as trans-women, regardless of their size, height, strength advantages would be allowed to compete in women’s sports against biological women.
  12. Taxes would be very high (double or triple current state rates), due to the extreme number of social programs that people adopting this mindset, and the fact that they have a contempt for businesses.
  13. The energy policies of these states would be all about “going green” and there will be a moratorium on fossil fueled cars and the elimination of gas stations in these states.  Everyone will be “encouraged” to drive electric cars, and punished if they do not by X date.
  14. The state will impose a $25 per hour minimum wage, subject to annual raises because, in their minds, it is the duty of businesses to provide a “reasonable living wage” to all employees, regardless of skills, competence or the profitability of the company.
  15. Funds diverted from defunding the police will be employed in sensitivity programs for individuals and anyone making insensitive comments, jokes or remarks deemed to be hateful against marginalized groups will be subject to fines, imprisonment, cancellation (whatever that means) or banishment to the evil red states.
  16. Black people will be provided with reparations from slavery by white people, regardless of whether or not they can prove that they were either the descendants of slaves or slave owners.
  17. Laws will be made to require people to accept the perceptions of other people as reality and stiff fines will be imposed for anyone challenging the belief systems of these individuals.
  18. Social workers will replace police to develop a more tolerant approach to crime and the stigmatizing term “criminal” will be replaced with “law challenged victims of the system.”
  19. Pedophilia will be normalized and reclassified as “minor attracted people” and honored for their “care” and concern for children.
  20. Each month a new flag will fly about the state capital to include the ANTIFA, BLM and other groups who will be a large part of the populations for these states.
  21. Complete open borders for illegals (who would be called undocumented) and a welcome sign at the state line.

There are many policies that could be added to this list, but this is merely a snapshot of what extreme wokeness supports, as evidenced by numerous stories that illustrate what a state that was totally woke would embody.  As Americans, we can agree to disagree on many issues, and on some issues compromise is the best approach or we can have a bloodless civil war, where the blue and red states administratively secede from the union, but it is my prediction that living under woke conditions would lead to a reality pill by even the wokest member to realize that would not create optimal environments.


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