Michigan district stands by teaching elementary kids they can make up pronouns like ‘tree,’ ‘zie’

Under the banner of “inclusivity,” a Michigan elementary school district is standing steadfast in pushing the madness of nonbinary gender pronouns, including phrases like “zie” and “tree.”

With violence in the classroom surfacing every day on social media, courtesy of smartphones, and STEM grades plummeting, THIS is what public schools are focusing on. Meanwhile, homeschooling and school choice are thriving, and the experts are baffled as to why.

A letter went out to parents last week from Schavey Road Elementary School, in DeWitt, Mich., explaining that the school will “help students share and explore pronouns,” Fox News reported. The lesson will rely on the book “They She He Me: Free to Be!” by Maya Gonzalez.

“We would like to inform you of a lesson that will be taught in your child’s classroom,” the April 11 letter said. “The lesson goals are to help students share and explore pronouns through discussion and literature to embrace differences and promote acceptance.”

For what it’s worth, parents did have the option of opting their children out of the curriculum.

Here’s a sampling of the shameless propaganda being pushed on young, impressionable minds in public schools under the influence of radical left ideology:

“On the inside, you may not feel like a he or she at all,” the book reads. “Maybe they feels most free or you may feel like both she and he.”

Furthering the insanity, children are taught they can “claim” their own pronouns and even make new ones up.

“You can use your own name as a pronoun,” the book says. “You can change pronouns from he to she or she to he. You can use new ones like ze or create your own like tree! Some people use they, which is a perfect way. There are many more pronouns waiting to be discovered and used.”

The letter was signed by Schavey Road Elementary Principal Liz Crouch and DeWitt Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Shanna Spickard.

“The principal, and I informed families directly involved about an upcoming lesson for their students,” Spickard said in a statement. “This optional mini-lesson is not part of the core curriculum but is a supportive measure to promote inclusivity, a core value of our district.”

“In line with our approach to personal health curriculum, families received a letter outlining the lesson and providing an option to opt their child out if they wish. The mini-lesson is not designed to challenge or alter family beliefs. Instead, it aims to ensure a safe and respectful learning environment where students feel valued,” she continued. “We encourage any DPS parents with concerns to contact the building or district administration for accurate information.”

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

Tom Tillison


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