Mid term elections: Facts vs Democratic fantasies

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When I grew up, blue was my favorite color. Sadly, my favorite color as a youth has come to represent a political party that I believe is so out of touch with America that it makes me see red. In the rapidly approaching mid-term elections, Americans have an opportunity to make a statement to all those who would rationalize destructive policies that have taken the country in a direction that hardly resembles the characteristics of a super power.

On a recent Facebook post that I made about the ineptness of democrats at the federal, state and local levels one staunch, woke democrat whom I’ve known for years wrote, “I’m voting blue down the line.” How is it that people can’t see that democratic cities, with their permissive attitudes toward criminals, are turning their backs on businesses by saying, “Go ahead, shoplift, you won’t be punished?” How is it that people don’t point fingers at those who demanded to defund police, when violent crime makes urban areas unlivable?

How is it that people refuse to acknowledge that ridiculous policies and executive orders have put a major hurt in their wallets and retirement accounts? How is it that people don’t see that the majority of democratic policies hurt the average citizen, but favor deviants, illegal aliens and criminals?

The Democratic Party is the party of delusion and fantasy. Many embrace an ideology that fosters ridiculous beliefs that includes the notion that biological men can become pregnant, censorship is the only way to silence dissenting views, white supremacy is the culprit for all inequities, small children are mature enough to make decisions about surgery that will alter their gender, but college students are not mature enough to make decisions about college loans, and Donald Trump can be blamed for every bad thing that has ever happened in America (even things that happened before he was born).

Despite all of these irrational views, many people will vote for democrats in the upcoming elections. My question for these people is as simple as defining a woman, (a definition too many democrats, including the newest Supreme Court justice, couldn’t answer) and that question is, “Are you better off now, than when Biden became president?” Of course, staunch democrats will give an emotional response and somehow defer blame from Biden and his executive orders to some other fictitious culprit.

However, it is a fact that the average American is reeling from rampant inflation, retirees are seeing all gains made under Trump wiped out in their retirement accounts, and many people have to choose between buying groceries or filling up their gas tanks, so they can get to work. It’s a fact that in blue run cities people are being murdered in the streets, and democrats are more interested in taking guns away from law abiding citizens instead of actually punishing criminals.

At the federal level, we have seen the department of justice attempt to create boards of censorship, label concerned parents as “domestic terrorists” and in a Stalinist secret police behavior, the FBI raided the home of the man who is at the top of every democrat’s most hated list.

On a social level, democratically controlled school boards are allowing sexually explicit material into school libraries, and have fired or suspended real educators who refuse to cave to a woke agenda that would allow boys into girls locker rooms and bathrooms, while at the same time supporting “teachers” who think it is appropriate talk about their own sexuality or to bring primary school kids to drag queen story time sessions.

College classrooms have become breeding grounds for would be socialists through very biased instruction that blames all the ills of society on capitalism, and decades of this kind of instruction has filtered down into high schools and grammar schools, to complete a cycle of indoctrination that promotes feelings over critical thinking and emotions over logic. The burden of student loans has been shifted from irresponsible, entitlement-minded individuals who didn’t have the common sense to realize that borrowing tens of thousands of dollars to major in a subject that wouldn’t allow you to find a job that would garner enough of a salary to pay back the loan to hardworking tax payers (many of whom elected to work because they couldn’t afford to go to college or who didn’t want to incur massive debts.)

This is a party who will bring up the January 6 th insurrection and seek to indict all conservatives because of the events of that day, but become noticeably silent and display collective amnesia when that 1 day is juxtaposed with months of rioting that was led by ANTIFA thugs.

To rational individuals, it would seem that a political party that would support all of these irrational, hurtful and un-American ideas and activities would not merit a person casting a ballot in favor of candidates who would support these policies. Perhaps the answer may lie in a twisted belief system because some people like to live in paranoid, delusional states that justify their own guilt about crimes they didn’t commit, or they should apologize for perceived privileges that social justice warriors have convinced them they have, or possibly they truly believe that the world only consists of two groups of people: victims and victimizers.

Polarizing political views are nothing new in America, but in the past a person’s views and vote was guided by his or her economic situation. When things were good economically, it was very rare that a person would vote for a political party that opposed the party responsible for prosperity. Today’s ideology that “mean tweets” are far worse than stagflation and incompetence captures the reason why America is in such a sad state of affairs. In the past, one only would need to look at a bank balance or the contents of a wallet to make a decision about who would earn a vote. Sadly, today that isn’t the case. Despite overwhelming evidence that exposes ineptness and blatant economic, political and social damage to the country as a whole, many will show up at the polls and vote blue because they lack the ability to discern reality from fantasy, which is most likely because critical thinking skills took a back seat to identity politics in public schools a long time ago.


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