Migrants attack NYPD officers, hurl objects as they make an arrest at shelter plagued with problems

The NYPD fought off illegal immigrants who attacked them inside a shelter in another indicator of how the Big Apple has spiraled into lawless chaos.

The incident took place at Randall’s Island tent city and was caught on video showing items being thrown at officers. The police then subdued one illegal alien who was carried out in handcuffs after being restrained.

“The chaotic scene kicked off Thursday when an unnamed individual who was not supposed to be at the facility was asked to leave by officials, according to authorities,” the New York Post reported. “It is unclear why they were there or what led up to the scuffle.”

“The person in a white t-shirt and dark pants can be seen sparring with several police officers while a large crowd looks on in a video of the incident,” the media outlet noted.

The incident escalated with onlookers getting into a violent confrontation with the police. One of them slammed a female officer in the head with a backpack. Several officers then held the man down and restrained him before he was arrested and removed from the shelter. Illegal immigrants can be seen with smartphones videoing the altercation.

An investigation has been opened concerning the incident but the video makes it pretty clear exactly what transpired at the facility, although it does not indicate why it started.

“The Randall’s Island tent city has been a hotbed for issues since it began housing migrants in August 2023,” the New York Post contended.

“In January, a 24-year-old asylum-seeker was stabbed to death in the cafeteria tent during a melee over a woman,” the outlet continued.

As illegal aliens flood the facility, especially those who have been booted from New York’s other shelters, an illegal mini-tent city has sprung up outside. Drugs are reportedly being sold there according to the New York Post.

“Yes, you work for your family, to send money to your family. But you come back here doing things you’re not supposed to be doing. This is a public park,” a frustrated parks worker told the media outlet in an interview.

Meanwhile, Mayor Eric Adams has vowed to address problems at the facility. That appears to have not occurred.

“Migrants camping outside the increasingly lawless Randall’s Island tent city were spotted selling everything from burgers to blunts on Monday — as Mayor Eric Adams said the city would be reviewing shelter security following a fatal weekend stabbing,” the New York Post reported in January.

“The group of asylum-seekers who set up camp outside the island’s 2,000-bed site after being booted for timing out on the city residency limit appeared locked in a cat-and-mouse game with Parks Department officials — who tore down the encampment Sunday only to have it rise up again,” the outlet pointed out.

Here’s a longer version of the video from another angle:

(Video Credit: LLN NYC)

Users on social media sounded off over the dangerous encounter that surprised no one:


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