Migrants say they’re turning to criminal behavior and will do ‘whatever it takes’ to get sent BACK

Migrants in Chicago are reportedly doing “whatever it takes” to be arrested and be sent back to their home country.

According to Chicago Police Department records, in two different incidents, migrants arrested admitted they had turned to criminal behavior in order to get deported and go home to Venezuela.

Dhian Gomez-Mendoza was reportedly so desperate to get home that police say he admitted he “will do whatever it takes if that is beating up a police officer or hurting a civilian, he will do it.”

Chicago police reportedly sent Gomez-Mendoza to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation earlier this month for alleged behavior at  O’Hare International Airport, CWB Chicago reported.

One day later, on February 7, he was arrested after he returned and was allegedly “screaming and yelling while running in and out of Terminal 3, according to their report.”

Once confronted, and asked to leave by police, they reported that he fell to his knees and raised his hands into the air, evidently in a move showing he wanted to be arrested. According to the report, Gomez-Mendoza also declared that he wanted to be sent back home.

“Additionally, the arrest report stated that Gomez-Mendoza was warned numerous times by Spanish-speaking officers that signs are posted that state that entry is prohibited unless you are a passenger, employee or there on legitimate business,” Fox 32 reported.

Three hours after being arrested and charged with trespassing, the migrant was allegedly released from custody, police records showed.

“Almost exactly 24 hours later, Gomez-Mendoza got arrested again. This time, it was by cops at Midway International Airport. Officers there said he kicked and damaged the fender of their Segway as they escorted him out of the employee parking lot,” according to CWB Chicago.

He was ordered by Judge Daniel Gallagher to be placed on the sheriff’s electronic monitoring program, evidently not getting his wish to get a one-way ticket back to his homeland. He is scheduled to appear in the Circuit Court of Cook County on March 18.

On a different day and in a different location, another migrant seemed to echo Gomez-Mendoza’s sentiments when he was arrested.

Chicago police arrested 30-year-old Jhoni Montes “at Macy’s, 111 North State, on February 9 after store security reported that he and another man tried to shoplift three suitcases worth $1,634,” CWB Chicago reported.

“The other guy got away. But Montes did not,” according to the outlet.

His arrest report indicated that while he was being charged with retail theft, the migrant told Chicago police “he was stealing to go back to Venezuela.”

He, too, was released from custody the next day, this time by Judge Charles Beach. Not surprisingly, Montes failed to appear in court on February 16 so it seems he may still have a shot of getting his wish granted as there is now a warrant out for his arrest.

Frieda Powers


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