California candidate uses her own razor wire to secure gap in border wall: ‘I had to do it myself’

A California Congressional candidate fed up with the lack of effort at the U.S.-Mexico border made it a personal mission to put action behind words.

Kate Monroe is a Republican candidate for California’s 49th Congressional District and she sunk her own cash into an effort to secure a weak point in the border with Mexico at the “San Judas Break” which is near a neighboring Mexican town of the same name. The well-known gap in fencing is located near Jacumba Hot Springs, California, which lies about 60 miles east of San Diego.

After a visit to the area that has become a gateway for illegal migrants, Monroe made some repairs as she noted to Fox News Digital that “It prevents a grave national security risk.”

In a video, Monroe showed how razor wire that had been used to plug the gap had been pushed aside, allowing her – and countless migrants – the ability to squeeze through.

“I secured the border myself,” she captioned the post on X that accompanied the video.

“I’m the only person in America who came to secure the border. No one else in congress. No president. No border patrol. Nobody in our country would do this. So I had to do it myself,” she wrote. “I put my life on the line to serve our country once when I signed up to join the Marines, and I’m amped to serve our country again in this way. ”

She provided a video of her efforts to Fox News Digital.

“I felt the anger and frustrations of millions of fellow Americans watching in horror as thousands of people poured through,” said Monroe, whose district where she lives is about 50 miles from the location.

The break, she warned, allows “terrorists, drugs, and human trafficking to infiltrate while local and national city economies bear the burden of supporting these migrants.”

She explained the frustration with people not taking action, despite all the talk about doing something.

“So I decided, if no one is going to do something about it, I will,” Monroe, who lives about 50 miles from the gap in her home district, said. “I purchased 400 feet of razor wire, and along with members of my staff, hung the wire along the gaps ourselves.”

Though it might “not be much,” the GOP candidate felt that at least her actions would “unquestionably slow down the threats entering our country.”

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officials seemed to welcome her help.

“I told CBP I was a Marine veteran running to be the next member of Congress in border district CA-49, and I said I knew their hands were tied, but mine weren’t,” Monroe said. “So they pointed me directly to the exact location. They aren’t allowed to secure the border but were happy I was there to do it. They said ‘you have our support.’”

A CBS News report earlier this month highlighted the Break “Where migrants pour into America.”

A local aid worker, Sam Schultz, told “60 Minutes” correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi, “This hole is big enough that I have seen 150 people walk through it in less than a minute.”

“People here are in shock and disbelief as they witness thousands of single military-aged men flood our area without background checks or tracking,” Monroe told Fox News Digital.

“Illegals are overtaking private property, robbing homes and businesses; sidewalks in California are flooded with illegal migrants. My community is living in growing fear,” she added.”Sadly, we may fondly remember times when it was safe to walk around in our neighborhoods and attend events in America.”

Frieda Powers


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