Minn. AG Keith Ellison targets automakers for making cars that are ‘so easy to steal’

In another example of the fine thinking that far-left Democrats continue to impose on a weary nation, Minnesota’s attorney general is coming after automakers whose cars are “tempting” youth to steal them.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison blames auto manufacturers for making cars that are “so easy to steal” while arguing that deterring crime is “not all about punishment.”

The far-left attorney made his case on MSNBC while speaking with host Al Sharpton, flipping the script on accountability and proving that progressives are bent on turning the law on its head.

The former Minnesota representative and deputy chair of the DNC naturally found a way to blame conservatives for the “wrong” approach to crime while claiming the numbers have gone down.

“But we have to go upstream,” Ellison said on MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation” as he discussed deterring crime, “and we got to make sure that the automobiles are not so easy to steal that they are a tempting, attractive nuisance for young people. Right now we are investigating two major automakers because their cars are dramatically too easy to steal for young people.”

“Only a Democrat would say, car thefts…are the car’s fault!” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) wrote in reaction to the illogical argument.

In fact, according to Ellison’s line of thinking, law enforcement needs to focus on others besides criminals on the “chain of criminality.”

“We have to go upstream on crime and not just say we are going to only deal with the criminals, the people on the street. There are a lot of people involved in the chain of criminality, starting sometimes for people who are members of the country club, resulting in tragic circumstances for victims on the street,” he told Sharpton.

He asserted that it shouldn’t just be about “throwing people in jail.”

“We also have got to understand that it is not all about punishment all the time. Sometimes it is about giving people another opportunity,” he contended.

Ellison warned about “right-wing” efforts to deter crime.

“We need to continue to be aggressive about protecting people,” he said, adding that “some of the right-wing prescriptions for how to deal with crime are wrong and are going to bring us back to the bad old days.”

Ellison’s backward thinking was met with mockery and eye-rolls on social media.

“Minnesota’s radical Democrat AG Keith Ellison reacts to the surge of car thefts in his state NOT by enforcing the law, creating a task force, hiring more police, or getting drugs and gangs off the street. No, Keith Ellison blames the cars,” Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk wrote on X.

Frieda Powers


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