Money pours in to fund party for UNC frat dudes who protected the American flag

Americans are showing their appreciation for the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, fraternity brothers who stood against pro-Palestinian protestors and defended Old Glory “from the unwashed Marxist horde” that had “invaded” their campus.

A GoFundMe was set up for the members of UNC’s Pi Kappa Phi fraternity who prevented the American flag from touching the ground after pro-Palestinian protestors attempted to remove it for the second time.

“[A]midst the chaos, the screaming, the anti-semitism, the hatred of faith and flag, stood a platoon of American heroes. Armored in Vineyard Vines and Patagonia, fueled by Zyn and White Claws, these triumphant Brohemians protected Old Glory from the unwashed Marxist horde — laughing at their shrieks and wails and shielding the Stars & Stripes from Soviet missiles,” the fundraiser reads. “These boys… no, men, of the UNC Chapel Hill Pi Kappa Phi, gave the best to America and now they deserve the best.”

“Help us raise funds to throw this frat the party they deserve,” the GoFundMe urges donors, “a party worth of the boat-shoed Broleteriat who did their country proud.”

The patriotic gesture quickly captured the hearts of social media users.

Guillermo Estrada was one of the young men who shielded the Stars and Stripes.

“Today was a sad yet empowering day at Chapel Hill,” he wrote on X. “When I walked to class, I saw the Palestinian flag raised on our quad flag pole, and was immediately upset at the act that these ‘protestors’ had made.”

“I cannot say I am fully educated on the Israel/Palestine conflict,” Estrada continued, “but it upset me that my country’s flag was disrespected in order to advocate for another.”

“When the flag was raised once again, the Greek community began singing the National anthem. As the Chancellor left, the quad erupted into chaos as protestors began removing the flag once again, preparing to destroy it,” Estrada explained. “My fraternity brother and others ran over to hold it up, in order for it not to touch the ground. People began throwing water bottles at us, rocks, sticks, calling us profane names. We stood for an hour defending the flag so many fight to protect.”

Launched on Wednesday morning, the fundraiser has, incredibly, already raised $332,431 of its $350,000 goal.

And it looks like they’re in for a lot more than just a kegger.

Country music star John Rich is teaming up with Dan Bongino and organizing a concert in their honor.

“Guillermo! We are so proud of you guys!” Rich replied to Estrada’s thread. “I’d like to round up some country singers and play this big party you guys are going to have…for free! Our buddy @dbongino wants to live broadcast his show from your place too. How can we make it happen?”

Under Rich’s guidance, the celebration quickly began to take shape.

“I’ve made contact with the Patriots at UNC! Working on a date to have a massive event to celebrate our flag and those who love her. I’ll keep ya’ll posted!” Rich announced on X. “Let’s call it #Flagstock Can you make Flagstock trend? LESSGO!”

Even RNC hero Scott Presler has joined in on the party planning.

“Maybe I can set up a voter registration table,” he suggested.

“We gotta get these fellas on the phone first thing tomorrow!” Rich replied enthusiastically.

“I’m never deleting this app,” Presler declared.

And Bongino was happy to step up.

“100 percent in!” he stated. “Let us know boys!”

Melissa Fine


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