MSNBC health columnist sparks outrage, suggests moving Christmas to summer, cancel Thanksgiving

Spats among family are a common occurrence at Thanksgiving dinners, but they are nothing compared to the Twitter fam when they are told by a so-called “expert,” the day before the nation celebrates one of its most treasured family days, that the holiday should be canceled and all other winter holidays — meaning Christmas — should be moved to the summer months.

Comments like that on Twitter don’t start a spat. They start a war.

It’s a lesson Oregon Health and Science University emergency medicine Professor Dr. Esther Choo learned the hard way on Wednesday when she suggested precisely that.

“Every winter we go through this gathering-to-spread-respiratory-illnesses,” the doctor tweeted. “May I suggest –cancel Thanksgiving, for so many reasons; –move other winter holidays to the summer with big outdoor events; –make winter holidays more about hygge, books, and netflix.”

“Hygge,” for the un-woke, means “social coziness,” according to the Urban Dictionary.

We’d show you her actual tweet, but the backlash she has received has been so intense, Dr. Choo has apparently protected her tweets, so we will have to show you a screenshot of the tweet along with conservative actor James Woods’s response:

Choo went on to explain that there are several benefits to her plan, including the elimination of “bad holiday-themed sweaters, no more snowed-in holiday travel, and the simple joys of not having to “endure” Thanksgiving, according to Fox News.

The idea is so preposterous, so insulting to American tradition, that Fox News felt compelled to note, “It was not immediately clear to other social media accounts whether Choo was joking about her proposals…”

If it was a joke, it wasn’t well-received.

“May I suggest we cancel ‘public health’ tyrants instead?” shot back Christina Pushaw, rapid response director for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

“Sadly, I work near her,” replied another Twitter user. “She’s a flaming racist.”

DeSantis’ deputy press secretary Jeremy Redfern chimed in with a damning emoji.

“The Left is an arid, bleak and hostile region,” noted Lou Dobbs.

“I will continue to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, Independence Day, Easter and any other holiday in this country that the Democrat Party hates,” another user defiantly tweeted. “I don’t care what they say.”

“The tone is always so arrogant and superior,” said writer Joseph Massey. “It makes me sick to my stomach.”

“People keep showing their hand… ” wrote journalist David MacLean.

The notion that she was joking was dismissed by author Alex Berenson.

“Look, if you’re wondering if the public health moron/tyrants (morants?) joking about canceling Thanksgiving… they weren’t joking in 2020, and they’re not joking now,” he tweeted.

But according to New York Times reporter Benjamin Ryan, Choo is claiming she was just having a laugh.

“Now she’s claiming she was joking and we’re the jerks for misinterpreting her,” he replied to Berenson. “But she’s only talking like so many other public health experts who have zero tolerance for risk and want us all to live in sad and lonely bubbles forever.”

In the end, one Twitter user had the best advice for Choo and all the “Twitter peeps.”

“Don’t do this. Don’t take this advice. Don’t cancel holidays and times with your loved ones,” she tweeted. “Give hugs. Laugh. Connect. Spend as much time with the people you love as you can. Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. You were given one life-LIVE IT.”

Melissa Fine


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