MSNBC host insists guests use term ‘undocumented’ while discussing murder of 12-year-old Houston girl

It’s a sad testament to the current state of the media where Democrat mouthpieces are more concerned with what to call alleged illegal alien murderers than their victims.

The horrific killing of 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray who was lured to her death by two illegals in Houston last week was a topic of discussion on Saturday’s edition of “The Weekend” on MSNBC where host Symone Sanders-Townsend was triggered over the use of the word “illegal” which had long been an accepted term until recent years and has lately, in true Owellian fashion, been swapped out for “newcomers.”

In a rare bit of exposure to opposing views for the network’s hard-left viewers, Sanders-Townsend and co-host Michael Steele – who once headed up the RNC – welcomed Kevin Roberts, president of the conservative Heritage Foundation to discuss the organization’s Project 2025 which has scared the daylights out of leftists.

During the conversation about the illegal aliens who murdered Nungaray and the idea of mass deportations that could take place under a second Trump presidency and that they could be justified by the criminality of illegals, Sanders-Townsend butted in to police the language.

(Video: MSNBC)

“In Texas, undocumented immigrants were 37.1 percent less likely to be convicted of a crime, undocumented immigrants, according to a survey, University of California Riverside study, 37 percent less likely to be imprisoned as of 2021,” said Sanders-Townsend, a former spox for VP Kamala Harris, making a somewhat bogus argument considering that most law enforcement agencies either can’t or won’t ask about a suspect’s immigration status.

“Tell that to the survivors of the young lady killed in Texas,” Roberts replied, to which she shot back, “I’m just giving the numbers,” citing her cherry-picked research.

Roberts responded by asking, “Well, what do you tell the parents of those people, those young girls that are being killed? This is absurd. The preponderance of these folks, Michael, are male…”

Steele jumped in, “What is the difference between an illegal immigrant who, unfortunately, engages in that activity?”

“And we don’t like— I want to be clear. We don’t use the term ‘illegal, for undocumented individuals,” Sanders-Townsend snapped, stomping on her network colleague.

“That’s sweet. They’re illegal aliens,” Roberts correctly noted.

“Yeah, we don’t— undocumented individuals versus anyone else who commits the same crime? I mean, if so, what you’re saying is because you have this instance of individuals behaving badly, that, that’s a reflection of every individual in that community and that’s just not the case,” Steele said, resorting to the talking point that conservatives are using the criminal actions of a handful of illegal aliens to blame “Biden’s Border Bloodbath” on the millions of mostly indigent foreigners who have been allowed to invade the country since Biden took office.

It was a much more dignified conversation than the one that occurred on MSNBC earlier in the week when host Joy Reid and Democrat Progressive Caucus queen Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) had a good laugh over the brutal murder of a 12-year-old girl who was deprived of her right to grow up by the two illegal aliens.

Roberts later expressed his disgust with Steele’s remarks to conservative commentator and former White House adviser Steve Bannon.

“I was appalled that [Steele] accused us of using an ‘anecdote’ to make a larger point,” Roberts said. “That anecdote is the human life of a 12-year-old girl in Houston. That anecdote is that college-aged young lady in Georgia. That anecdote is now dozens, several dozens, of American citizens who’ve been killed by illegal aliens.”

Chris Donaldson


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