MSNBC pulls the plug on anti-Israel host, Dem lawmaker wants an explanation

MSNBC has reportedly pulled the plug on Mehdi Hasan, a pro-Hamas leftist propagandist whose anti-Israel rhetoric and history of controversial past statements may have finally caught up with him.

The news broke on Thursday that the sharp-tongued host’s weekend show has been dropped by his employer with his ratings-challenged weekly spot on video streaming network Peacock getting the ax as well, as the left-wing cable network reshuffles its lineup amid reports of cost-cutting.

According to Semafor which first reported the news, the move was “privately announced to staff Thursday morning,” citing two anonymous sources, that while being booted from his show, Hasan will remain at the network as a fill-in host and an on-camera analyst.

Word of MSNBC giving the vitriolic British-born host the hook rattled cages on the left, including in the halls of the U.S. Congress where one Democrat lawmaker is demanding answers.

“It is bad optics for MSNBC to cancel @mehdirhasan’s show right at a time when he is vocal for human rights in Gaza with the war ongoing. As a strong supporter of free speech, MSNBC owes the public an explanation for this decision. Why would they choose to do this now?” Rep. Ro Khanna wrote on X.

Another loudmouthed Muslim pundit, Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks suggested that Islamophobia was afoot.

“MSNBC canceled Mehdi Hasan’s show. Because, of course, they did. It’s not just because he treats Muslims as real human beings, it’s also because he actually challenges his guests. And that is the biggest heresy in mainstream media. Access must be protected!” Uygur wrote on X.

Hasan’s demotion comes as video of some of his past incendiary remarks resurfaced with him referring to non-Muslims as “animals” and linking homosexuals – a major component of the Democrat party base – to “pedophiles” and “sexual deviants.”

“Hard to imagine MSNBC allowing someone on television who said similar things about a different religion — let alone giving them a show!” wrote the New York Post’s Jon Levine earlier this week, sharing a clip of Hasan’s inflammatory remarks.

Last month it was reported that Hasan and two other Muslim hosts were yanked off the air after Hamas terrorists slaughtered over 1,300 Israelis in a barbaric sneak attack, but the trio continued their appearances on the network.

“As we emerge from a multitude of historic events these past months, we have an opportunity to build on our accomplishments and keep the momentum going into 2024 and beyond,” MSNBC president Rashida Jones wrote in an internal memo obtained by Fox News Digital.

“The network plans to expand host Ayman Mohyeldin’s weekend program to two hours to replace Hasan’s show,” Semafor reported.

Chris Donaldson


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