‘HELLO Democrats!’ Chris Cuomo comes dangerously close to saying he’d vote for Trump

Former CNN host Chris Cuomo raised some eyebrows when he weighed in on the 2024 presidential election, revealing he could potentially consider voting for Donald Trump.

Though he didn’t confirm anything concrete in a talk on the PBD Podcast, the current NewsNation anchor explained why he is “always open” to a Republican candidate for president.

In a discussion about border security and immigration, Cuomo indicated he may have supported former President Donald Trump “if he had gotten more of it done,” referring to immigration reforms like building the border wall.

Speaking of Trump’s tenure in the White House, Cuomo was asked if he would “sit it out” if the 2024 election ended up between Trump and President Joe Biden.

“We survived a Trump administration. Would we survive another one? Yes, ” he said.

“I don’t think there’s any greater risk to America with him than with Biden,” he added, acknowledging that he will likely face attacks from those calling Trump crazy.

“As Patrick says, the data is the data. Nobody was trying to kill us when Trump was president in a way that they’re not now. If anything, there’s more hostility,” Cuomo told host Patrick Bet-David.

“Existentially, I’m not afraid of a Trump presidency. Existentially, I’m not afraid of another Biden presidency because, unlike many people in America, I believe that the country is much stronger than any individual leader,” Cuomo contended,

“So you’re open to a Trump vote?” Bet-David asked.

“I am always open. And I’ll tell you this, people say, ‘Oh, bullsh*t. You’ve never voted for a Republican in your life.’ Wrong,” Cuomo replied.

“And not only have I, the first vote I ever cast was for a Republican,” he added.

Social media users were quick to react to Cuomo’s remarks. on X:

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