Media rushes to slap ‘white supremacy’ narrative to U-Haul ramming into WH barricade … but there’s a twist

In a mind-boggling coincidence, following President Biden declaring white supremacy to be the biggest terrorist threat the United States faces, a man in a U-Haul truck crashed into a White House barricade on Monday night at about 10 pm, replete with a Nazi flag… but there’s a twist.

(Video Credit: CNN)

The attacker has been identified as 19-year-old Sai Varshith Kandula of Chesterfield, Missouri, according to Fox5. Many point out that he does not look anything like a white supremacist.

He has been charged with trespassing, destruction of federal property, and threatening to kill, kidnap or inflict harm on the president, vice president, or a family member after attempting to ram through the barricade. No one was hurt in the altercation according to Anthony Guglielmi, the Secret Service chief of communications, as reported by NBC News.

That fact didn’t stop CNN anchor Poppy Harlow on Tuesday morning’s edition of “CNN This Morning” from declaring the whole incident as terrifying. CNN analyst Andrew McCabe had the gall to connect the man who crashed the barrier at the White House to pro-Trump protesters on January 6th as well.

“People are waking up to this. What should they be thinking? Because the Secret Service is saying this may have been intentional. And then you look at the contents of what this suspect apparently had on him,” Harlow breathlessly stated on Tuesday, not noting the truck was apparently empty except for the flag. The attacker reportedly did have duct tape, a notebook, and a backpack on him.

“Well, Poppy, I think that the charges alone speak to the intentionality of the act. Right? So prosecutors have to have a factual basis to be able to charge this person with those, with trying to, attempting to kill or maim the president. They’ve got to have probable cause to be able to do that. So they have some information or evidence that indicates very clearly that this was an intentional act,” McCabe disingenuously asserted.

“That’s coming not just from obviously the physical things that we see, the video of the, of the truck ramming the barricade, but likely even from material they collected from within the truck. We’ve heard that there’s been a notebook. There may be writings or statements or maybe postings online, things like that, that are telling them that this person’s intent was, in fact, to target the president or someone in the White House, which is, you know, particularly, particularly concerning,” McCabe continued.

“Andrew, for so, so long, we’ve been hearing not only from the president but even the FBI director that white supremacism, far right-wing extremists are the biggest threat to this country and its safety. And then you look at the contents of this person’s backpack and you can’t help but think, I guess they’re right,” co-host Sara Sidner stated, spewing propaganda from the Biden administration.

McCabe then pushed the white supremacy angle for all he was worth, right on cue.

“That’s absolutely right, Sarah. I mean, we’ve heard this again and again from the director of the FBI, from the secretary of Homeland Security, and others testifying in front of Congress that this is the number one, certainly the number one terrorist threat that they’re tracking right now, that is domestic violent extremists and particularly domestic violent extremists who are motivated by anti-black racial sentiments. Right. So this fits very neatly within that warning that we’ve heard again and again,” he blathered.

“And I think you have to draw a line from this apparent attack on the White House by someone bearing a Nazi flag to at least some of the people, it’s hard to say how many, but some of the people involved in the January 6th attack on the Capitol. How do we know that? Because some of those folks were carrying the same sort of symbols, Nazi flags, Confederate flags, things like that, that show you a commonality of ideology,” he outrageously charged.

There is no proven link that this man was connected to anyone involved or connected to Jan. 6 as of yet. He was just arrested and no information has been released. To draw that conclusion is the height of irresponsibility and it is nothing more than gaslighting and incitement.

“It doesn’t mean that they all know each other and they were all planning those two events together. But it shows you there is a thread of extremism, and particularly racially-motivated extremism in this country that is also now directed at institutions of government,” McCabe added. “So these are things that our security professionals are very focused on right now. And as we saw last night, for good reason.”

“It’s terrifying! Andrew McCabe, thank you for all that,” Harlow dramatically proclaimed for effect. She would repeat that in at least one other segment as well.

(Video Credit: CNN)

Response to the incident ranged from outrage to hilarity:

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