Trans teens tap into ‘network of support’ hold first-ever transgender youth prom at US Capitol

A group of transgender teens was propped up and celebrated by Time in their efforts to hold the first-ever transgender youth prom at the United States Capitol.

The goal was to put on a show of “trans joy in action,” and the teens were introduced to “a network of support that helped bring their vision of a safe space for queer youth to fruition, according to Time — a safe place heavy on drag queens and queer theory. The event was designed to call attention to “anti-trans legislation” around the country — this being how the left refers to bills designed to protect minors from genital mutilation and other life-altering forms of “gender-affirming care.”

As for the network, Chase Strangio, a staff attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was one of the prom’s organizers, according to The Hill.

And it’s not necessarily by accident that they chose the U.S. Capitol for an endeavor to normalize transgenderism because these teens are trans activists who have the full support of their parents.

“When envisioning the prom of her dreams, Libby Gonzales, a 13-year-old Texan who is helping plan the first-ever transgender youth prom at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., had a lot of big ideas,” the Times article said. “Libby and the prom’s three other organizers, Daniel Trujillo, 15; Grayson McFerrin, 12; and Hobbes Chukumba, 16, are among the 200 people — including trans youth from 17 states — set to attend the prom on May 22 in a show of resilience during a time where trans rights are being stripped away.”

The event took place Monday, though you might say the attendance was somewhat lacking:

“The trans prom is meant to emphasize the pride and joy and happiness that is within the trans community that cannot be broken,” says Hobbes, a New Jersey native. “We’re trying to show that trans people can and will continue to be brilliant and great. And really, it’s meant to be a space that lets trans kids be kids.”

Daniel, who lives in Arizona, and Libby, met on a camping trip coordinated by their parents in 2019.

“My GPA dropped from going [to the state capitol] consistently, and it threw all of us into a really stressful space because my parents had to keep working [and then] drop what they were doing to drive to Phoenix,” Daniel told Time. “Having to sit through testimonies for people who are saying that I’m mentally ill, it’s really hurtful and frustrating.”

Here’s a sampling of the festivities exploiting  vulnerable minors, as seen on Twitter

Even the communists were on board:

Tom Tillison


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