MTG fumes at Johnson, accuses Speaker of stabbing voters in the back

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has been criticized for filing a motion to vacate the chair after the House passed a $1.2 trillion spending bill — the GOP lawmaker made it clear that she has no timeline for calling the resolution for a vote, and said it’s “more of a warning and a pink slip.”

Either way, Greene continues to blast House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) for bringing the “Democrat-controlled bill” to the floor for a vote and responded to concerns that she could swing the speaker’s role to Democrats during an appearance on Real America’s Voice — the GOP holds a razor-thin majority in the House and it would only take a few weak-kneed liberal Republicans to join with Democrats to pull this off.

Host David Brody acknowledged Greene’s “strong, principled argument” before adding, “Let me ask you about the politics of this, because the criticism here is that if a motion of vacate ever came, that you could have Democrats all voting for Hakeem Jeffries, and you’ve got some RINOs, lots of them, maybe at least a handful if they side with Democrats. You have Hakeem Jeffries as Speaker of the House. That’s the danger.”

“But let me tell you, it’s a math — this is simple math,” Greene replied. “The more Republicans like Mike Gallagher that resign and leave early, guess what that means? We have less Republicans in the House. So every time a Mike Gallagher or a Ken Buck leaves early, that brings our numbers down and brings us dangerously closer to being in the minority.”

“It’s not Marjorie Taylor Greene that is saying the inconvenient truth and forcing everyone to wake up and realize Republican voters are done with us doing this kind of crap that we did last week, and they are fed up with speakers of the House and Republicans that go out and campaign and make all these promises and then turn around and stab their voters in the back, because that’s what Mike Johnson did on Friday,” she continued.

Greene said that Johnson “led our conference” to stab voters in the back as well with the passing of the spending bill.

“I am not going to be responsible for Hakeem Jeffries being speaker of the House. I am not going to be responsible for a Democrat majority taking over our Republican majority,” she insisted. “That lies squarely, squarely on the shoulders of these Republicans that are leaving early because they don’t have the intestinal fortitude to handle the real fight and the responsibility that comes with leadership at the end of our republic, when our country is nearly destroyed and when our Constitution is being ran through a paper shredder. So no one is going to blame that on me.”

As for her motion to vacate the chair, MTG let it be known that she will wield it like a club if needed, given the direction the Johnson-led House takes going forward.

“I will be so careful and responsible with this. You want to know why I care about our majority? I am one of the few Republican members in the House that has actually paid all of my dues to the NRCC, and I did that because I want the majority and I want the majority next Congress, and I will fight for it,” Greene said. “But I am not going to be silly, you know, nilly willy or be irresponsible with this motion to vacate. I will bring it to a floor vote at a time that I think is needed or responsible, or a good time to do it.

“But this is a pink slip. Johnson is on notice, and our conference needs a new speaker of the House.”

Tom Tillison


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