Musk hits a nerve after citing ‘scientific consensus’ on hormonal birth control

Billionaire Elon Musk triggered a whirlwind of responses Friday when he tweeted that hormonal birth control is basically bad.

“Hormonal birth control makes you fat, doubles risk of depression & triples risk of suicide. This is the clear scientific consensus, but very few people seem to know it,” Musk tweeted.

In additional tweets, he linked to sources confirming this.


Musk had a point.

Although “the pill” is widely prescribed, even for children with acne, folks rarely talk about the side effects linked to it.

Responding to Musk’s tweet, many women confirmed this with stories about their own experiences with birth control’s side effects.

“Hormonal birth control gave me pseudotumor cerebri, which causes debilitating headaches and if untreated, blindness. I will have to be on medication for my entire life or otherwise lose my sight,” former Planned Parenthood director turned pro-life activist Abby Johnson tweeted.

“Fertility is a sign of HEALTH!!! Don’t take a pill to break something that is working! I’m so thankful to have gotten off that crap and now have 8 beautiful children,” she added.

Conservative activist Ashley St. Clair meanwhile noted that, after being placed on birth control for acne at the age of 14, she suddenly found herself in the need of a therapist — and, soon after, depression meds.

“Each time I would talk to my doctors about my deteriorating mental health, not a single one in nearly a decade of being on the pill suggested that it may in fact be the hormones I was taking every single day. Not one,” she tweeted.

“In retrospect, after being on birth control for nearly a decade, being placed on the pill for ‘acne’ was akin to killing a mouse with a rocket launcher,” she added.

St. Clair concluded her tweet by noting that “thousands of women across the United States and the world have had a similar experience to mine– feeling completely out of their mind on a pill their doctor told them was relatively ‘harmless.'”

See more responses below:

But for every woman with a story confirming the legitimacy of Musk’s tweet, there was a leftist gal or guy talking trash by claiming he was full of it, mocking him for his appearance, or portraying him as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s puppet.

Why Putin? Because Musk believes in free speech, and that evidently makes him an ally of the Kremlin …

Ironically enough, many of his critics were men — whereas many of his supporters were women. Go figure!

Vivek Saxena


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