Musk says he declined World Economic Forum because ‘it sounded boring,’ officials claim he was never invited

Billionaire Elon Musk claims he declined an invitation from the World Economic Forum because it sounded boring while the WEF asserts that he wasn’t invited in the first place as wealthy powerbrokers gather in Davos, Switzerland, to discuss their plans to reimagine humanity.

It should be noted that this is the same international lobbying organization that is hastily deleting articles on eating insects, the Great Reset, and owning nothing and liking it, so the “truth” emanating from the WEF is questionable, to say the least.

Musk has waffled on his opinion of the WEF. In December, he stated during an exchange with Dilbert creator Scott Adams that the forum was not out to destroy humanity.

“It’s not some illuminati plot to destroy humanity, but rather an extension of the well-meaning environmental sustainability movement that has gone too far,” Musk said. “My reason for declining the Davos invitation was not because I thought they were engaged in diabolical scheming, but because it sounded boring af lol.”

However, in reference to the World Economic Forum’s plans to incorporate “environmental, social and governance,” or ESG, criteria into its investment strategy, Musk asserted the “S” stands for “Satanic.”

The Associated Press reported that a representative for the WEF verified to reporter Jamey Keaten on Tuesday that Musk was not on the official guest list for the gathering. However, that does not specifically mean he wasn’t invited if you read between the lines. The forum claims that it has not invited Musk to the gathering since 2015.

“The World Economic Forum says billionaire Elon Musk wasn’t on the guest list for the annual meeting of business executives, global leaders and cultural trendsetters in Davos, Switzerland — despite what the Twitter owner claims,” the Associated Press reported.

Musk has little respect for the forum and it shows in his tweets.

The annual meeting of business executives, global leaders, and cultural trendsetters has long been suspect to people across the globe. Notable attendees ranging from European Union chief Ursula von der Leyen to actor Idris Elba are gathering in the elitist Alpine town to discuss global issues ranging from war to climate change and technology’s effects on security, according to the Associated Press.

“Musk wasn’t there, though he says he was invited. Forum spokesman Yann Zopf knocked that down Tuesday, saying the last time the Tesla CEO got an invitation was ‘not this year and not recently — last time in 2015,'” the media outlet asserted.

Musk has reportedly never registered for or attended the annual meeting.

Topics that are set to be “openly” discussed at the WEF this year include the global economy, climate change, political division, and the role sports play in society as well as a special address by Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

(Video Credit: The Hill)

The Tesla CEO also criticized a video of the World Economic Forum’s opening speech on Monday, tweeting, “Master the Future” doesn’t sound ominous at all … How is WEF/Davos even a thing? Are they trying to be the boss of Earth!?”

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