Nancy Mace primary win thwarts McCarthy’s revenge

Rep. Nancy Mace, R – South Carolina, was able to fend off not one but two challengers Tuesday night, one of whom was receiving support from a group tied to the former speaker.

Her victory was so decisive that Mace successfully avoided a runoff, having been backed by the likes of former President Donald Trump and House Speaker Mike Johnson. One person who did not support her re-election bid was former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who some say is on a “revenge tour” and is out to challenge those who supported his ouster as speaker.

Republican strategist Dave Wilson weighed in on the results saying, “To wrap it around a sports analogy, Kevin McCarthy’s 0 and 1 right now, and he’s going to have to show a significant showing over the next few races that he’s involved in to determine whether or not he still has a lever of power to pull in Washington, D.C., politics.”

Chip Felkel, another strategist, suggested it was time for the former speaker to pack it in.

“That’s old news,” he said, referring to the removal vote. “McCarthy’s gone. He’s out of the picture. Many of these Trump voters view McCarthy as part of the problem and the establishment, and I don’t think that’s a hard leap for them.”

Mace is one of the eight Republicans who voted for McCarthy’s removal from the speaker role after he put forward a “clean” continuing resolution that would continue to fund the federal government. The problem was that it didn’t contain any GOP priorities, passing with the help of Democrat votes. McCarthy’s “revenge” is made easier by the fact that two of the eight, Rep. Matt Rosendale of Montana and now-former Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado opted not to run for their seats again.

To this end, McCarthy’s Majority Committee PAC donated $10,000 to Mace challenger Catherine Templeton. Another group linked to the former speaker, American Prosperity Alliance, reportedly spent upwards of $2M to unseat the incumbent.

Wilson even went a step further, suggesting Mace’s handy victory proves Trump bagged a win over McCarthy.

“Did it help last night? The evidence after the election says it didn’t hurt. So if you’re looking at a Trump v. McCarthy game at play here in politics, it’s Trump one, McCarthy zero. We’ll see how the next contests go.”

Sierra Marlee


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