Nancy Pelosi marks Easter: ‘Happy César Chávez Day!’

While the Biden White House was busy besmirching Easter Sunday with an official proclamation honoring Transgender Awareness Day, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi was quick to pay fealty to a man seen by many critics as a Marxist revolutionary, if not a communist subversive.

“Happy César Chávez Day! His legacy as a fearless and tireless champion for justice and dignity for all continues to inspire our nation. Today, his fight for better pay and protections for workers lives on as we work to build and realize a better life for all Americans,” Pelosi posted on X on Easter Sunday afternoon.

Turns out, March 31 is the labor activist’s birthday and Rep. Pelosi (D-Calif.) celebrates it annually with exuberant praise.

“On César Chávez Day, Americans honor the exceptional legacy of a man who taught so many the true meaning of justice. As a clarion voice for the Latino community and all hard-working Americans, Chávez galvanized the farmworkers’ movement to guarantee that workers who grew and picked our nation’s food could also provide for their own families,” she wrote in 2018. “In securing higher wages and better working conditions, César Chávez helped build a better future for all Americans, declaring that ‘the people united will never be defeated.’

“Through his dedication to this simple message, Chávez’s leadership and commitment to justice and fairness inspired workers and activists around the world to know their power. His message of nonviolence and unyielding determination remain crucial as we work to defend the hard-won protections that Chávez championed.”

Social media users had a different take… here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

Tom Tillison


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