Navarro drops truth bomb on Behar when she compares Iranian women’s oppression to America

The hosts of daytime talk show ‘The View” very rarely have serious disagreements when it comes to political topics. Even the “conservative” ladies are usually cowed into going along to get along after a while. But on Friday’s episode, Joy Behar finally stepped out of line which earned her a stiff rebuke from “Republican” Ana Navarro.

The topic was CNN International host Christiane Amanpour’s refusal to wear a headscarf while interviewing Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on American soil. Navarro categorized the act as one of “solidarity” with females in Iran who are protesting the oppressive government and hyped Amanpour’s refusal to bow to the political statement Raisi was trying to make.

“We should all be standing in solidarity with what’s going on in Iran,” Navarro remarked at the end of her spiel.

At this point, Behar broke in to try to compare the conditions of American women to those suffering under the brutal Iranian regime.

“But we should be standing in solidarity in this country for men trying to control us with their abortion laws,” she crowed.

While this tactic might normally score some points with the wokest viewers as well as the co-hosts, Navarro was quick to shut Behar down.

“Let’s not make that comparison,” warned Navarro.

“Why not?” Behar wondered, completely oblivious to the glaring differences between the two situations.

“Because those women over there are getting killed,” Navarro pointed out.

This is when Behar begins to see what she has said, and attempts to backtrack while saying that America isn’t quite there yet, but could be in some dystopian future she’s imagining.

“I’m not saying they’re equivalent. I’m just saying we need to watch what’s going on in our own country,” she fretted.

Navarro wasn’t entertaining that either, taking the final word: “To me, they’re very different conversations.”

Sierra Marlee


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