Nearly three-quarters of jobs added last month came from government as Biden pats himself on back

As nearly three-quarters of jobs were added in one sector for the month of June, reactions panned the report as demonstrating “socialism/communism 101.”

While President Joe Biden’s campaign woes dominated media coverage for the first week of July, a ready reminder that his administration was as much a disaster as his debate performance was provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics Friday.

In covering the “Employment Situation Summary,” otherwise known as the Jobs Report, CNBC’s Steve Liesman brought attention to the fact that the vast majority of the paltry growth came courtesy of government opportunities.

“74% of the jobs came from government and health care and education,” he explained Friday. “So, that’s where the bulk of the jobs are — the rest of the jobs not doing quite so well.”

“Leisure and hospitality which had been a big source of job growth, just 7,000,” Liesman continued.
“Retail, we’d had some strength there, down 8,500. And then temporary help, which is a potential leading sign, minus 48,000. So, you have this kind of dual-sector economy — by the way, it’s not the federal government, a lot of it’s local government jobs. They seem to be still hiring…”

After roughly three-and-a-half years of the Biden administration’s federal overreach that had seen regulatory micromanagement eroding the freedoms of American citizens down to what appliances would be available at stores, the reality that government was booming relative to the rest of the economy frustrating to many, albeit unsurprising.

Of course, those numbers only told part of the story as the Jobs Report also showed the unemployment rate had reached its highest level since Oct. 2021 at 4.1% with labor force participation sitting just under 63% after having ticked up 0.1% from the previous month.

That data did not account from the oft-repeated trend throughout the administration of seeing the actual report revised down after a positive news cycle narrative had circulated, like it had most recently in May where an initial estimate of 272,000 had been slashed down to only 218,000 jobs added.

For June, the projection had been for 190,000 while the report boasted of 206,000 jobs added for the time being.

Even still, in the broader picture, despite bluster from Biden of creating “A record 15.7 million jobs” while gaslighting on how the COVID response had impacted the economy and figures from former President Donald Trump’s administration, economist Vance Ginn spelled out how, based on Friday’s report, only 95,000 jobs had been added since June 2023 and real earnings remained lower than they were at the start of Biden’s term in Jan. 2021.

“US Jobs Report: Only 25K Net Private Sector Jobs Added in June,” Ginn wrote while highlighting for the nonfarm figures, “Revised 111K fewer jobs for the prior two months…Added 70K more government jobs…Result: Only 25K private sector jobs added.”

Kevin Haggerty


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