‘Never meant to be like this’: Caitlyn Jenner urges protection of women’s sports from ‘biological boys’

Think what you like about Caitlyn Jenner, but she is fearless and uncompromising in her views, even if it means she’s going to get eaten alive by the LGBTQ+ mob for stating what many feel is the obvious: trans women have an advantage over biological women in the sports arena.

This is a subject upon which Jenner should be considered an authority. As the entire world knows, prior to her transition in 2015, she, as Bruce Jenner, graced a box of Wheaties for bringing home the gold in the Decathlon at the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

Forty-six years later, transgender swimmer Lea Thomas has sparked a global, if not always friendly, debate on the issue of fairness and whether or not biological women are losing out– in more ways than one — to their transgender teammates.

In a Sports Illustrated interview, Thomas made her position on the controversial subject very clear: “The very simple answer is that I am not a man. I’m a woman — so I belong on the women’s team.”

But it isn’t that simple, as nearly everyone, especially Jenner, knows, and as Thomas continues to smash the records of female swimmers, it borders on crazy to pretend that it is.

“The world’s gone mad,” Jenner said in an interview for The Daily Mail. “It was never meant to be like this.”

Lest there be any confusion, Jenner is adamantly against trans women competing against biological females in sports.

“I don’t think biological boys should compete in women’s sports — we have to protect women’s sports,” Jenner said. “That’s the bottom line.”

Though she is equally vocal in her support of Thomas being able to live her life as her authentic self, she doesn’t see how Thomas can feel much satisfaction from her wins.

“Here’s an example,” Jenner said. “I play golf and, seven years after my transition, I still have a big advantage over women players. I’m 6’1″. I have longer arms than the ladies and I can outdrive them by a hundred yards. Even being off testosterone and on estrogen for seven years now, what I’ve got left over is still more than they’ve ever had. So, it wouldn’t be fair.”

Prior to COVID, Jenner, 72, says she was often invited to compete in ladies’ golf tournaments, but she always declined.

“I’d feel bad taking a trophy away from one of the ladies at our club who really deserves it,” she said.

And this is why she questions Thomas’s motivations.


“I don’t see how you can be happy beating other girls under these circumstances,” she stated. “You have to have a sense of personal responsibility. You can still enjoy sports but not play at a competitive level, right?”

While Thomas is playing by the rules of the US National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), requiring trans women to have at least a year of hormone therapy before they can compete, Jenner says, “the rules have to change.”

“I respect [Lia’s} right to transition and I hope she has a wonderful, wonderful life,” Jenner says. “But she grew up as a biological boy and I don’t think it’s fair that she’s competing in women’s sports. Her cardiovascular system is bigger, her heart is bigger, she’s got longer arms and legs.”

“Three years earlier, she was on the men’s team ranked 462,” she continued. “Now she’s No. 1 in the same event for women? Obviously, it’s not fair.”

Obvious, perhaps, but the point of view is getting Jenner thrashed by the trans community.

On her Instagram account, one user wrote, “Last time I checked you were a washed-up has-been riding on the Kardashian coattails. For a trans woman, you sure do the most to speak out against other trans men and women living their lives.”

And according to author Barbara McMahon, “that’s one of the nicer messages.”

But Caitlyn Jenner isn’t about to bow down to bullying.

“There’s a fringe element of the trans community that has a big voice, and their mission is to shut down all other opinions,” Jenner said. “I have a large platform, so nobody’s going to shut me up. We can’t bow down to the woke people who want to change the world.”

Melissa Fine


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