New CEO at ‘The Onion’ is ex-NBC News ‘disinformation’ reporter

A former far-left NBC News propagandist has since become the CEO of The Onion, a once highly popular satirical news site.

Ben Collins, who was formally technically NBC News’ “disinformation” reporter, announced the new gig in a tweet published Thursday.

Attached to his tweet was a New York Times story about how The Onion was sold by G/O Media to “a group of digital media veterans” known collectively as Global Tetrahedron.

“This company is made up of four digital media veterans with a profound love for The Onion and comedy-based content,” G/O Media chief executive Jim Spanfeller reportedly wrote in an email this week to staff.

“The site’s new owners have agreed to keep The Onion’s entire staff intact and in Chicago, something we insisted be part of the deal,” the email continues.

Global Tetrahedron is reportedly owned by Jeff Lawson, and its chief executive is none other than Collins.

“In an interview, Mr. Lawson said that he had long wanted to buy The Onion and had pursued the project at various points in time before linking up with Mr. Collins, who started pondering the idea early this year,” according to the Times.

“The world needs laughter; it needs satirical criticism more than ever,” Lawson told the Times. “And that’s why we think this is the right time and the right way to help The Onion continue to grow, continue to flourish, and frankly I’m concerned if we hadn’t done this, I don’t know what would have happened.”

There’s just one problem: Collins is a raging leftist with no concern for the truth — though to be fair, that could be a useful trait to have as the CEO of a fake news site.

How maniacally left-wing is the guy? In 2022, he tied parental concerns about groomers and drag queens in schools to “right-wing extremism.” That same year, he blamed a mass shooting by a non-binary loon on Republicans criticizing the LGBT movement.

Later that year, he attacked X owner Elon Musk and his allies for releasing the “Twitter Files,” because evidently, being transparent is a big no-no to Collins.

And then a year later, and right after the Oct. 7th terror attack on Israel, he categorized opposition to the group responsible for the attack, Hamas, as “post-9/11-style generalized Islamophobia”:

Most recently, Collins threw a fit after members of the right exposed now-ousted Harvard University President Claudine Gay’s plagiarism — and the media had the apparent audacity to cover it.

“Please, newspapers, I must know more about internal politicking at Harvard University,” he sarcastically tweeted at the time. “Put more reporters on it. My need to know who is internally popular at the executive level of one college is insatiable. It is the most important thing in the world.”

Conservative firebrand Chris Rufo responded to his sarcasm by slamming him.

“Ben’s ironic pose is designed to lull people into accepting the idea that 41 instances of plagiarism by the highest academic leader in America is not a big deal,” he tweeted. “A real journalist would prioritize truth. But this is Ben Collins.”


The good news, per se, is that The Onion is itself a wildly left-wing outlet, and so Collins should fit right in.

Of course, the bad news is that many people find The Onion to be quite unfunny these days precisely because of its bias — a bias poised to grow even worse with the recruitment of Collins …

Vivek Saxena


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