New emails contradict Prince Andrew’s story about his ties to Jeffrey Epstein

Prince Andrew’s dubious past with convicted pedophile and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein is once again causing headaches for Buckingham Palace after new court documents reveal the Duke of York may not have been honest with the BBC’s Emily Maitlis during a 2019 interview for “Newsnight.”

Prince Andrew told Maitlis that he “ceased contact” with Epstein after he “was aware that he was under investigation.”

Of his December 2010 stay with Epstein at his New York mansion, the Duke said he “went there with the sole purpose of saying to him that, because he had been convicted, it was inappropriate for us to be seen together.”

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Prince Andrew claimed it was the only time he met with Epstein following his release from jail.

But court documents filed in the US Virgin Islands involving banking behemoth JPMorgan Chase show that, on June 14 of 2010, Epstein told then-JPMorgan CEO Jes Staley in an email that he and the disgraced Duke had stayed in touch, lunched together, and “Andrew just sat next me at dinner,” The Mirror reports.

Prince Andrew had allegedly reached out to Epstein three months prior, in April.

“On April 15, 2010, Epstein wrote to Prince Andrew the Duke of York [redacted word] ‘jes staley will be in London on Thurs the 22. I think you should meet if you are in town,'” the court papers read. “Prince Andrew replies that he is unavailable but will look to visit New York in the near future.”

“It appears that either Epstein was highly overselling his relationship with Prince Andrew or that the duke may not have been entirely truthful about when his friendship ended,” US attorney Spencer Kuvin, who represents Epstein’s victims, told The Mirror.

In an August 2011 email written by Epstein to JPMorgan, Epstein suggested Prince Andrew could be a potential investment partner.

“He is now allowed to make money,” Epstein wrote.

As BizPac Review previously reported, JPMorgan Chase settled a class-action lawsuit with Epstein’s victims.

One of those victims said the newly-revealed emails “raise serious questions. Why would Jeffrey be lauding him as an investor if he was no longer in contact?”

The U.S. Virgin Islands accused JPMorgan Chase of turning “a blind eye” to Jeffrey Epstein’s heinous human sex-trafficking operations, which allegedly represented the “principal business” of Epstein’s accounts with the institution.

In a countersuit, JPMorgan has accused the U.S. Virgin Islands of giving Epstein more than $300 million in tax incentives among other perks.

“For two decades, Epstein maintained a quid pro quo relationship with USVI’s highest ranking officials,” the filing alleges. “He gave them money, advice, influence, and favors. In exchange, they shielded and even rewarded him, granting him more than $300 million in tax incentives, waiving sex offender monitoring requirements, looking the other way when he walked through USVI airports accompanied by girls and young women, and even facilitating ESL classes and visas that allowed Epstein to bring victims to his island.”

“Andrew’s story of why he saw Jeffrey after his sentence was served was always dubious,” Epstein’s victim told The Mirror. “But other than being accused of abusing Virginia [Giuffre], this is the most damning allegation yet. Evidence shows Andrew visited Jeff while serving his sentence under house arrest.”

“The Prince must have thought his secrets were safe after Jeffrey died, but now he is being haunted from beyond the grave,” the victim continued. “The Feds should listen.”

Kuvin said he is disgusted by the Prince’s actions.

“As an advocate for the victims of Epstein, I am deeply disgusted by the behavior of Andrew,” he said. “His actions have shown a complete disregard for the victims and a complete lack of decency.”

“His actions have brought a embarrassment upon the royals,” the lawyer added. “The King should seek to distance himself further from his brother.”

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