New WSJ survey shows plurality want GOP leaders, but have ‘unfavorable opinion’ of Trump

A new survey from the Wall Street Journal is causing panic among Democrats and head-scratches from conservatives, many of whom are shocked to see that, while the majority of voters believe Republicans are best equipped to handle nearly every major issue facing Americans today, they aren’t necessarily looking to former President Donald Trump to lead the charge.

The WSJ survey indicates that, with the exception of how COVID-19 is handled, an overwhelming number of voters disapprove of the way President Joe Biden is grappling with the economy (59%), rising costs and inflation (63%), fighting crime (56%), and securing the border (57%).

Americans’ opinion of Biden has fallen two points since the WSJ’s last poll in November, with 56% of voters now saying they have an “unfavorable” opinion of the president, with 47% calling it “very unfavorable,” down from 54% and 45% four months ago. Fifty-five percent have an unfavorable opinion of the Democratic Party as a whole, down 3 percentage points from November. And when asked if they were to vote for members of Congress today, a full 46% of voters said they’d vote Republican.

But when it comes to Donald Trump, voters appear to want to avoid four more years of mean tweets.

Fifty-five percent of voters have an unfavorable opinion of Donald Trump, with 48% calling their opinion “very unfavorable.” Of the 51% who disapproved of the job Trump did as President, 44% “strongly disapproved.” And if the 2024 election was another run-off between Biden and Trump and was held today, America would once again be evenly split, with 45% of the votes going to Trump and 45% going for Biden.

“A lot of Democrats will want to use Trump as the boogeyman in the midterm elections, but he’s not on the ballot,” noted a Republican pollster and co-conductor of the WSJ survey. “And that’s really important, given how important inflation and the economy are to voters.”

Meanwhile, Democrats are rapidly losing their support from key demographics.

Among Black voters, support for a Republican candidate rose to 27%, up an eye-popping 15 points from November’s 12%. And Hispanic voters, once tied on the issue of supporting a Republican Congressional candidate, have seen a 9% increase in their willingness to go Red.

RealClearPolitics co-founder Tom Bevan called the survey results a “5-alarm fire for the Democratic party,” while National Review Editor Philip Klein confessed he “can’t recall ever seeing a poll like this.”

“It’s fair to say that if these numbers are anywhere close to the actual results, Democrats will be massacred in November,” Klein added.

Other Twitter users are reaching the same conclusions.

“[Twenty percent] of the black vote to R’s spells doom for the D’s at the national level,” tweeted one user

“Hispanics and African-Americans are now leaving Biden in droves,” noted another. “He lost independents long ago. The disaster in Afghanistan showed the world who Democrats are: everything has been awful.”

“Democrats are starting down the worst electoral defeat in generations, perhaps history,” tweeted a third, adding, “I’m here for it!”

Others are just amused by the Democrats’ dilemma.

“It’s funny because less than a decade ago Dems just assumed all they had to do was push demographics and that would automate a voting bloc for them,” one user pointed out.

Another prayed the Biden administration will simply carry on with what they are doing.

Melissa Fine


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