‘Next level cringe’: NYPD mocked for having a ‘dance’ team

As if New York’s Finest don’t have enough problems, a cringeworthy video of the NYPD dance team is being ridiculed on social media.

The nation’s most visible law enforcement department has been handcuffed by leftist politicians as it works to carry out the duties of keeping New Yorkers safe in a teeming metropolis in which criminals are running amok and illegal aliens are beating up police but residents can take comfort in knowing that the department has its priorities in line.

The NYPD dance team has been around since 2022 and until now, has gotten little publicity which could be a good thing judging from the reaction that the clip of the ladies shaking their booties has drawn.

The video, taken from a local news profile on the dance team was posted to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, by the popular End Wokeness account.

The team held tryouts last month and is hoping to expand.

“It’s open to everyone,” team president Autumn-Rain Martinez, an officer with the 108th Precinct in Queens said, according to Fox 5 New York. “So, we have ranging from me, who has danced for my entire life to people who have never danced before – ever. But as long as you have the passion, that’s what we care about the most.”

“The job is stressful and this is a way to completely release,” added team vice president Lauren Pagán, also of the 108th Precinct. “I like that we’re all girls, but I would really, really like to have men on the team too. I just want a bunch of people that like to dance. I want to be like one of the big teams. I want to be like the hockey team and say, ‘I got 30, 40 people on the team.’”

X users served up their takes and they were absolutely brutal.

While Gotham’s treatment of law enforcement has improved under the tenure of Mayor Eric Adams – a former cop – from the horrors of the Bill de Blasio years, the department is still struggling to recruit and retain personnel in a city that is rapidly becoming a dystopian hellscape well along the way to the futuristic version that was famously depicted in the science fiction flick “Escape From New York,” an enduring classic that local Democrats seem to be striving to emulate.

Chris Donaldson


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