‘Nope. Call a socialworker’: Anti-police NYC councilmembers get no sympathy after begging for protection

A group of anti-cop New York City Council members are singing a different tune and are now begging for police protection after receiving threats.

In the latest example of the raging hypocrisy of the political left, the crusading politicians who have been vocal critics of the NYPD, and prime pushers of the “How Many Stops Act” which forces police to submit an onerous amount of paperwork, have a much different attitude about policing when it comes to their own personal safety.

According to a New York Post report that cites NYPD sources, staffers for the councilmembers engaged in pearl-clutching over “scary” threats against leftist Big Apple lawmakers, Democrats Chi Ossé and Shahana Hanif who, along with Carlina Rivera and Yusef Salaam, have been strongly critical of the police.

“It’s disgusting,” a staffer texted a colleague. “I’ve clutched my nonexistent pearls at some of the threats made against Ossé. And some have been thought to be credible as per security and NYPD.”

“And for him to be such a critic, if the PD says we need to evacuate/be careful and then listen,” another staffer responded.

“A staffer for Councilwoman Shahana Hanif (D-Brooklyn) complained about ‘elevated’ and ‘especially concerning’ threats phoned into her office, and praised security personnel for being “very responsive,'” according to the Post.

“I wouldn’t expect anything less from a couple of hypocritical politicians,” one Brooklyn police officer told the outlet. “Since they don’t want police officers, why don’t they go out and hire private security?”

Salaam, a member of the notorious Central Park Five, was recently pulled over for a traffic stop and was let go but attacked the officer in public statements.

“The fact that the officer did not provide a rationale for the stop…calls into question how the NYPD justifies its stops of New Yorkers and highlights the need for greater transparency to ensure they are constitutional,” the councilman said in a statement.

Rivera was in the news recently when her office complained that an NYFD tribute to fallen 9/11 firefighters was a “fascist symbol” and forced the East Village ladder company to take down its “red line” American flag.

Users on X blistered the hypocrisy of the NYC Democrats.

Councilwoman Hanif was among those arrested at an anti-Israel rally in New York City’s Bryant Park weeks after the savage attack on Israeli civilian areas by Hamas terrorists that left over 1,200 people dead, many of them butchered with primitive savagery.

“On October 20th, I was arrested alongside a multiracial coalition of New Yorkers, among them two members of my team, many Muslims and Jews, many whose first-time it was risking an arrest, demanding Senators Schumer and Gillibrand support a ceasefire in Gaza,” she said in a social media post after her arrest. “I am proud to echo the calls for peace made by so many of my Palestinian, Muslim and Jewish neighbors. We have seen enough bloodshed, we need our elected officals in every level of government to demand a ceasefire now.”

All four support a ceasefire in Gaza.

Chris Donaldson


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