Sopranos star tells Don Jr. ‘people in Hollywood are petrified’ to speak against leftist agenda

An Emmy-winning actress willing to cry “bullsh*t” over the Biden administration claimed she wasn’t alone in Tinsel Town but “people in Hollywood are petrified.”

Even with acclaimed conservative actors like Clint Eastwood, Jon Voight, Kelsey Grammar and more succeeding in the entertainment industry while holding to their political views, selecting a random star from the Walk of Fame was bound to scare up a leftist.

However, during a recent interview with Donald Trump Jr. on his “Triggered” podcast, Drea de Matteo of “The Sopranos” argued that opposition to President Joe Biden’s policies may not be as uncommon as people think in show business.

“This administration just has been hammering all of these things, and people in Hollywood are petrified. What, are you gonna speak out against race, and sex, and all of that stuff?” the actress posited to the former first son alluding to the left’s seeming stranglehold on the language used in debate. “People are afraid to have those kinds of conversations, because first of all, you never win with a liberal — you’re just never gonna win.”

“I really did want to fight,” de Matteo told Trump earlier in their conversation, “but I didn’t think that I had: A, the voice, B, the balls — I kind of got thrown to the wolves. And once I was out there, I was like, ‘I’m out here, what am I going to do? I’m out of my cage.’ Like, I may as well, you know, do what I got to do.”

Having held up a “Make America Great Again”-style red cap with the message “Close The Border You Moron,” the actress raised another point on the all-or-nothing attitude of many of the “vote blue, no matter who” type that had seen families torn apart by opposition to inane COVID measures or support for former President Donald Trump and the GOP.

“I do feel like I’m supported by my boyfriend. I know this sounds crazy, but by God, my children…they believe in what we believe in, which is freedom and unity the right way,” she told Trump, “not unity the way this administration was trying to push. ‘Cause that was bullsh*t.”

“They took every social agenda and used that — used these social issues as pawns to further their administration; did nothing but divide people,” argued de Matteo.

Where once common sense reigned, Marxism had also found a foothold as demonstrated by the Biden administration’s recent regulation changes to Title IX, paving the way for women and girls to have fair competition and protected spaces swept away in the name of being “safe” and “welcoming” toward transgenderism.

Likewise, the White House’s claims of unwavering support for Israel have been marred by concessions and capitulations to Hamas and the terrorist sympathizers threatening to withhold their support during the election if their mythical two-state solution is not brought to bear.

On the subject of her openly speaking out against the administration, de Matteo told Trump, “I’m just so liberal that I’m conservative at this point, do you know what I mean?”

“I’m just so open, that’s the thing — liberals are supposed to be open-minded,” she reminded.

Kevin Haggerty


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