North Face bucks potential boycott with mind-boggling trans campaign, called an ‘abomination and insult’ to reality

The North Face, an American outdoor recreation products company, has jumped on the “Pride” bandwagon that nearly destroyed Bud Light.

On Wednesday the brand unveiled a “Summer of Pride” video campaign on Instagram featuring gay drag performer Pattie Gonia.

“Hi, it’s me Patti Gonia — a real-life homosexual. Today I’m here with the North Face, and we are here to invite you to come out in nature with us!” Gonia said in the video.


The caption for the video was loaded with pronouns.

“Nature lets you be who you are, so, for the second year in a row @thenorthface is hosting Summer of Pride together with @pattiegonia (they/she) to celebrate you and all the beautiful ways you get outside,” it read.

“Come join us and our friends: @jewslovetrees (he/him), @hilatheearth (she/her), @vasu_sojitra (he/him), @alisonmdesir (she/her),
@outdoorjournaltour (she/her), @wehiketoheal (she/her), @naturehealsher (she/her) @missmaryloupearl (she/they), @blakelmitchell (they/them), @lauramcgreen (she/her),” it continued.

The caption concluded with The North Face announcing that, in addition to hosting a hiking tour, it intends to “have workshops, panels and activities for all individuals who love to be outside.”

Sportskeeda states, “Alongside this event, the company has also launched a Pride-inspired collection of accessories and apparel made with recycled materials. This collection also includes children’s clothing, which seemed to have caused a stir on social media among conservatives.”

That’s putting it lightly.

Below is a screenshot of the brand’s children’s gear:

In fairness to The North Face, this is in fact the second year in a row that the brand has run a “Summer of Pride” video campaign featuring Gonia.

“Nature lets you be who you are, even gay. Hi! Ladies and gentlemen, you are cordially invited to the ‘Summer of Pride’ with my friends at The North Face,” Gonia said in the brand’s 2022 video.


That said, second year or not, the criticism the brand is now facing is heavy-duty.

Below is a small sample of it:

All this comes amid the fallout being experienced by Bud Light over its own embrace of “Pride.”

As previously reported, recently the beer maker sent transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney a Bud Light can featuring his appearance. This move prompted massive anger, which in turn led to the stock of Bud Light’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch, collapsing.

By Thursday morning, the stock was at a measly $56.97 a year, down from a high of $67.01 recorded just weeks earlier.

Yet neither Bud Light nor The North Face is alone in embracing “Pride.”

So has Ford:

And so has Calvin Klein.

“A Calvin Klein ad from 2022 featuring a bearded transgender man in a sports bra before top surgery has gone viral — after Bud Light’s promotion with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney sparked a firestorm,” according to the New York Post.

“Bappie Kortram, a tattooed trans influencer from the Netherlands, wore a bra that read ‘This is love’ along with exposed underwear in the Calvin Klein Pride 2022 Campaign,” the Post reported Thursday.

Vivek Saxena


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