Nuisance influencer arrested after harassing female Israeli soldier – starts crying, ‘I’m an American!’

Self-described “Somalian pirate,” influencer Johnny Somali, a.k.a. Ismael Ramsey Khalid, discovered on Sunday that Israeli police don’t put up with bad behavior from social media divas.

The controversial attention seeker was hosting a livestream from Israel when a group of officers arrived on-scene.

Eyeing one female officer, Somali played a disrespectful tough guy for his audience.

“Oh, you’re a bad b**ch,” he shouted at her. “I swear to god. You’re a bad b**ch. I’ll take you to dinner, I swear to god, I’ll change your life. I’ll change your life, I promise you. You’re a bad b**ch right here. I’ll change your life, baby girl. You don’t need to work for these ni***s no more. B**tch, I’ll change your life!”

A male officer took exception to Somali’s smack and warned him to back off.

And that’s when Somali revealed himself to be the true little b**tch in his social media drama.

“Okay, okay, okay! I’ll go,” he whined. “Relax! I’m on the sidewalk. I’m from America, what are you doing?! I’m going! I’m going, n***a, what the f**k? I’m streaming!”

“USA!” the pirate cried. “I’m from America! USA!”

Like Greta Thunberg, Somali enjoys getting himself arrested for the cameras.

In December 2023, the streamer was picked up by police in Osaka after he caused a scene in a local restaurant.

Unlike the 21-year-old girl, Somali groveled before the Japanese court and begged to be allowed to go home.

“I’m embarrassed. I apologize to everyone I’ve caused trouble,” he said in his final statement, SCMP reported at the time. “I will no longer broadcast videos. I want to return to my home country and continue my studies, and be a role model.”

In Israel, he forced the police to carry him like a child.

This, at a time when Israel is fighting bloodthirsty terrorists who would like to see them wiped off the map.

“How quickly they remember their country when they have to,” noted one unimpressed user on X.

“Why would anyone go to Israel in the middle of a war to play dumb influencer games?” asked another user. “They should dump him in the middle of Gaza, tell him not to come back to Israel and let him figure it out from there.”

“Trade him to Hamas,” suggested a third.

“Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy,” stated a fourth. “Keep him there for a few days, please.”

Rumors of Somali’s next insanely stupid stunt began circulating:

Johnny Somali, wrote the popular Kreately Media blog account, “Disrespects America at home all the time Remembers America when gets into trouble.”


Melissa Fine


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