NY GOP lawmakers excoriate city’s sanctuary policies after second migrant attack in two weeks

New York Republicans are sounding off in the wake of several violent attacks these past few weeks by criminal illegal aliens.

“On Jan. 27, two New York Police Department (NYPD) officers were attacked in Times Square. Footage from the brutal attack showed a group of migrants kicking and punching the officers before running away,” Fox News notes.

The violent criminal illegal aliens were subsequently released without bail, after which they reportedly caught a taxpayer-funded ride to California.

“A week and a half later, on Thursday, Feb. 8, a teenage migrant allegedly shot a woman at a Times Square clothing store before opening fire on NYPD officers. Jesus Alejandro Rivas-Figueroa, 15, was taken into custody around 3:30 p.m. on Friday afternoon by the U.S. Marshals Service in Yonkers, New York, just north of the Bronx, without incident,” according to Fox News.

These attacks have left a sour taste in the mouths of New York Republicans like Rep. Marcus Molinaro.

“Let’s be clear on one thing: President Biden and Governor Hochul’s executive actions caused this crisis,” Molinaro told Fox News in a statement Friday.

“We’re now seeing innocent people being terrorized by criminals and a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions in New York State and across the country,” he added. “You solve this crisis by closing the border, repealing New York’s sanctuary state status, and toughening penalties for violent offenders in New York.”

Upon assuming office in 2021, President Joe Biden rescinded all of his predecessor’s successful border policies. Likewise, after assuming office in 2021, Hochul declared New York a so-called “sanctuary state.”

And now, years later, both the country at large and New York State in particular have been overrun by mobs of criminal illegal aliens.

Also speaking with Fox News, Rep. Claudia Tenney said that the recent attacks “should not be surprising” given the left’s clear-cut “open border policies.”

“These dangerous criminals will continue to wreak havoc on our taxpayer-funded resources and threaten the safety of our community until Democrats reverse these dangerous policies. Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams must prioritize the safety of law-abiding citizens over the interests of these criminals,” she said.

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis concurred.

“Over the past two weeks in New York City, we’ve seen groups of migrants assaulting NYPD officers, shooting at police officers and snatching phones to commit identity theft and financial fraud. This is on top of 1,200 arrests of migrants for crimes including robberies, stabbings, assaults and even murder,” she said.

“Instead of detaining and deporting these criminals, the city has released almost all of them back onto the street, so they can return to their luxury hotel rooms funded by taxpayers and continue to wreak havoc in our community. What you’re seeing taking place is Democrats’ disastrous policies at the city, state and federal levels coming to a head,” she added.

Like other Republicans who spoke with Fox News, Malliotakis also specifically blamed the policies of Biden, Hochul, and even New York City Mayor Eric Adams for only incentivizing more illegal migration.

“President Joe Biden has opened our borders to let them in, Governor Kathy Hochul and Mayor Adams incentivized them to come to New York, the state’s bail law releases them from jail and the city’s sanctuary policies shields them from deportation,” she rightly noted.

All this comes amid a border battle between the Biden White House/congressional Democrats and congressional Republicans over how to resolve the crisis.

Republicans would like to resolve it with H.R. 2, a genuinely tough border bill that would, among other things, limit asylum protections, resume construction of the border wall, purge the U.S. workforce of criminal illegal aliens, tighten asylum eligibility requirements, fund construction of more border walls, and more.

“The H.R. 2 Secure the Border bill is a sweeping package passed by House Republicans in May,” The Hill notes. “The package included limits to asylum protections, provisions to resume construction of the border wall, and an expansion of the qualifications for refugee status, among other changes.”

But both the Biden White House and their congressional Democrat allies are instead interested in passing a weak-sauce “bipartisan” deal that would still allow thousands of criminal illegal aliens to cross into the United States on any given day.

Vivek Saxena


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