NYC judge frees thug charged with sucker punching woman as swan song before retiring to Florida

A Brooklyn judge who freed a thug accused of breaking the jaw of a random woman has since retired and is reportedly headed to Florida.

On Wednesday, Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Matthew Sciarrino freed Franz Jeudy, 33, after rejecting a request from the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office to hold him on a $50,000 bond.

Jeudy, a black male, is accused of sucker punching a random woman in the face, breaking her jaw and knocking out some of her teeth.


After the incident in March, Jeudy was initially hit with misdemeanor charges and let loose on supervised release.

“This is terrible — I don’t want this to happen to anybody else,” his victim, Dulche Pichardo, 57, told the New York Post at the time. “He’s not supposed to be free. They know that he’s dangerous. You cannot have these people outside that are that dangerous.”

Fast-forward to this past Wednesday, when prosecutors upgraded the charges to a felony and asked Sciarrino to hold him on a $50,000 bond.

“Random attacks against strangers, especially women, are beyond senseless and completely unacceptable,” District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said in a statement. “A grand jury that heard all the evidence returned an indictment for felony assault and we will now seek to hold the defendant accountable, so he will not repeat this outrageous and criminal conduct.”

But Sciarrino refused and Jeudy was released.

And this despite Jeudy’s extensive criminal history that includes two previous arrests for … wait for it … sucker punching random people, including a cop.

“He was arrested for misdemeanor assault after he whacked a Department of Homeless Services officer in the face at the Manhattan Psychiatric Center located on Randall’s Island In July 2018,” the Post notes.

“The officer had just finished his shift and was driving out of the parking lot when Jeudy swung at him through his window. The punch left the officer with bruising, a laceration to his left eye, cuts on his nose and a chipped tooth,” according to the Post.

Months later in January of 2019, he faced assault charges again after he sucker punched a security guard at the NewYork-Presbyterian / Columbia University Medical Center.

In both cases, the charges were eventually released after Jeudy, an alleged schizophrenic, was found unfit to stand trial.

Dovetailing back to the present, two days after Sciarrino released Jeudy this Wednesday, he, the judge, retired from his post and announced his intention to relocate to Florida, according to the Post.

The announcement prompted outrage on social media:

But interestingly enough, Pichardo’s son, Raul Gomez, was thrilled by Sciarrino’s retirement announcement.

“Good riddance, honestly,” he told the Post. “Hopefully the next judge will be wiser and less ridiculous in his decisions. . . . Hopefully they appoint better judges, although I’m skeptical that will happen.”

“I think [Sciarrino] made a great decision [to retire]. He should be out of law. People like him have no business being in Brooklyn court – it’s absurd he got into such a high position,” he added.

Gomez, 24, also aimed fire at New York’s soft-on-crime laws, adding that his mother is in “shock that Jeudy is free.”

‘”She’s very upset because she thinks that there’s a possibility that he could do it again, especially given that he’s been doing it so many times,” he said.

Speaking with the Post, Sciarrino for his part claimed he released Jeudy because of state law.

“You can’t set bail on someone who is not a flight risk,” he said.

Furthermore, a court spokesperson claimed the judge’s May retirement had been scheduled months in advance.

Vivek Saxena


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