Crenshaw targets MTG over motion to vacate ‘game,’ ironically claims border security at stake

Playing fast and loose with terms and policy had Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R) slinging shots at Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) over her motion to vacate “game.”

“They’re not fighting for you, they’re fighting for your attention.”

(Video: Fox News)

Joining “Cavuto Live” Saturday, the Texas lawmaker and former Navy SEAL wasn’t shy about continuing his animus toward Greene’s attempted shakeup with Fox News host Neil Cavuto. Having previously suggested the congresswoman’s motives were to see Russia win and the GOP be in the minority, Crenshaw found his peer at fault for House Speaker Mike Johnson’s (R-LA) lackluster negotiations on key matters like border security.

“She needs her time in the’s been a little while,” he told the host regarding Greene’s announcement Wednesday that she would bring her filed motion forward for a vote. “And it’s based in what, exactly? That Mike Johnson brought bills to the floor that were necessary for our national security that the vast majority of members wanted to vote on? So, allowing the democratic process to move forward, our process that we have in our Constitution to move forward, is apparently the crime of the century, according to these people, which warrants a motion to vacate?”

Of course, when Crenshaw mentioned national security legislation, he wasn’t talking about a border bill, but rather the nearly $100 billion recently sent overseas that included almost $61 billion for Ukraine and more than $9 billion heading toward Gaza many expect will end up in the hands of Hamas. The Texas legislator had voted in favor of that bill just as he had shown support for the so-called bipartisan, dead on arrival border deal that would have allowed up to 5,000 illegal aliens to enter the United States on a daily basis.

Still, he lambasted Greene and her co-sponsor for the motion to vacate Johnson, Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie (R), as obstructionists, “Now, what they do is, they make it impossible for the speaker to actually have leverage over Democrats and get things that we want, like border security. Marjorie Taylor Greene has never tried to lay out a plan to get border security done along with a supplemental package. I did that. I worked for months to do that. A lot of us did. She has never, Tom Massie has never done anything on that front.”

“And, so, they make it impossible for us to have leverage with a very slim majority, and then they turn around and punish the speaker when they can’t actually make a deal that we want, and then they say, ‘Oh, it was all their fault, and now the real patriots are taking over.’ It’s a game and voters have to stop falling for it,” added Crenshaw who made the case that the uniparty was actually the far-left in concert with the far-right.

Despite spending gobs of campaign funds to shoot elaborate ads with skydiving and special effects, throwing poolside parties and hosting a podcast with around 350 episodes, the congressman who recently abstained from a vote that many argued would make quoting portions of The New Testament a violation of the law in the pursuit of preventing antisemitism argued, “They’re not fighting for you, they’re fighting for your attention.”

Of note, as far as the individual legislators’ Liberty Scores via Conservative Review were concerned, Crenshaw and Johnson both came in at 74% while Massie scored 96% and Greene had a 100%.

Kevin Haggerty


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