‘Dumb and Dumber’ star rips Trump but admits Biden is ‘old’ – claims that ‘translates into wise and wisdom’

There are dumb celebrity takes on President Joe Biden’s bid for another four years in office, and dumber takes on his obvious cognitive decline.

Then there is Jeff Daniels’ take — one that dials the “Dumb and Dumber” stars’ stupidity up to eleven.

And he couldn’t have picked a better bastion of bad takes than MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to put it on display.

(Video: MSNBC)

Daniels joined MSNBC host Jonathan Lemire on Friday to plug his new Netflix show, “A Man in Full,” and proceeded to opine on the state of the Republican party and the intelligence of the people in “flyover country.”

Asked what role he believes income class will play in voters’ decision between Biden and former President Donald Trump, Daniels painted himself as your average Midwest man, full of “decency and honesty.”

“What stretches over class, I think, is decency and honesty and values and principles,” the actor said. “I mean, we live in the Midwest. We don’t necessarily take New York and L.A. as seriously as New York and L.A. takes itself. You know, I hate to tell you.”

“But we’re flyover country, and we’re always, we got a chip on our shoulder about that. And we get – we’re not as stupid as people like Trump in particular think we are,” he continued. “He talks down to us. He talks past us. He lies to us. And, but we get it.”

“And it’s really not the people on the right,” Daniels said. “They’re gonna stay there, you know. Okay, terrific. Class or no class, they’re going to stay there. The left’s going to stay on the left. It’s that 20%, 15% in the middle, the Reagan Democrats, the moderate Republicans who are going, ‘I’m over Trump, maybe Nikki Haley, I’m over. Okay, DeSant– Okay, get me somebody.'”

A “war for democracy” will reach a crescendo in November, according to Daniels, but he believes those honest, decent, smart Midwesterners will vote for President Biden because “he’s old.”

“Basically, I think even the middle of the country, even Michigan is watching the Republican Party destroy itself,” Daniels explained. “There are two wars going on. I see the war within the Republican Party, which we’re, you know, we’re all standing back going, you know, knock yourselves out. And then there’s the war for democracy, which is going on right now and it’s taking on — It’s on the internet, it’s on social media, it’s on people not listening anymore. But that war is going to culminate in November.”

“And I think that’s when the voters – and I would be – I’m cautiously optimistic that the people in the middle, the people in states like Michigan, are going to go, ‘you know what? We’re better than this. I’m going to vote for Biden, even though he’s old’ —  which also translates into wise and wisdom, which we may need right now,” Daniels stated.

He was promptly dragged on social media for equating Biden’s advancing age with “wisdom.”

“For years I have wondered who was ‘DUMBER’ in the movie, ‘DUMB & DUMBER,’” wrote comedian Vincent Oshana on X. “Today, that wondering is over.”

“Jeff Daniels… Just another Hollywood dumbass,” noted political commentator Gunther Eagleman.

“Just another paid puppet,” agreed a third user. “Democrats are in desperation mode.”

“Trump broke Jeff Daniels’ brain,” one X user deduced. “Imagine thinking Joe Biden is decent. Imagine thinking he’s wise. He has a track record now as president…it’s no wonder Trump leads in the swing states…”

Melissa Fine


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