NYC Mayor Eric Adams slammed over Latin American migrant ‘fact finding’ junket

New York City Mayor Eric Adams decided that in order to deal with his city’s migrant crisis he needed to go on a fact-finding mission to personally examine the root of the problem but he only further angered Gothamites.

With the Big Apple overflowing with the tens of thousands of indigent foreigners who have flocked to the deep blue sanctuary city in droves, the embattled Democrat announced that he was taking a trip to Latin America to get a better grasp on the flow of illegal aliens and to discourage them from coming to New York.

On Wednesday, Adams took to X, formerly known as Twitter where he posted a short video of himself onboard a plane in a turquoise shirt and sporting a New York Jets baseball cap to advise his citizens that he was on the way to Mexico.

“We are pulling out now to head to Mexico to speak to leaders of the area and to really start the process of understanding the flow of migrants here to New York City and throughout the entire country,” he said, adding that the solution will need to be “local, national, and international.”

“I want to give the people of those areas a real story of what is happening in New York City,” he told the media prior to his departure.

Adams later posted updates once he arrived at his destination and laid out his agenda for his stay in Mexico City.

It’s understandable that Adams would want to flee the city considering the amount of flak that he’s been taking for the migrant crisis and, more recently, criticism over his lethargic response to the historic flooding as a result of a deluge from the remnants of Tropical Storm Ophelia.

Reactions to the mayor’s junket were decidedly hostile on social media with his Mexican “vacation” being blasted by New Yorkers who flooded social media with negative comments.

Hizzoner’s south of the border getaway comes as the unwelcome foreigners are arriving at an average of 600 per day, according to the New York Post.

In addition to Mexico, the mayor will also visit Ecuador and Columbia on his “vacation” to Latin America.

Chris Donaldson


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