One year without Rush Limbaugh – 5 lessons he left us on how to handle the left


By Diana Allocco: Fox News

It doesn’t seem possible that we’ve weathered an entire year since that bleak day last Feb. 17 when at 12:06 p.m. Eastern the inevitable-yet-shocking announcement was broadcast to the world: Rush Limbaugh had passed away. The radio titan, having lived his threescore-and-10 to the absolute fullest, returned his borrowed talent to God.

It was a devastating gut-punch to us, his “highly overrated” staff, and to his vast listening audience. Our beloved friend would no longer be providing his brilliant, inspiring, often-hilarious daily clarity and reassurance we had all come to cherish over more than three decades.

When Rush was ensconced in his Attila-the-Hun Chair, behind the Golden EIB Microphone, all seemed (ultra) right with the world. Which is why we Dittoheads have dearly missed that glorious voice ever since. Of this I am sure: whenever news hits, millions wonder, “What would Rush say?”

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