Oops! Shirtless state senator casts a vote on Zoom that goes all wrong

Minnesota state Senator Calvin Bahr is the latest to go viral for a Zoom meeting gone wrong, featuring his bare chest during a Monday morning legislative session.

The exposure was brief, and the feed from Bahr’s camera was quickly cut off to maintain his dignity. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop it from quickly spreading across Twitter.


Judging from the number of smiles in the background of the video following Bahr’s vote, it would appear that most of them caught the moment.

But as the clip made the rounds on social media, many people wondered why a legislator would appear from bed to vote. Democratic Minnesota State Sen. Nicole Mitchell even tried to make it political, decrying the Republican’s lack of “professionalism” in a tweet.

According to a GOP spokesperson, Bahr had been working as a truck driver until nearly 5:00 am that morning and was trying to get some sleep. They also mentioned that he will not be commenting on the video.

Twitter is providing plenty of commentary on its own:

Sierra Marlee


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