‘Our leaders, a lot of these elites are guilty of treason’: UFC fighter gets super real with Tucker

UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell is “ready to fight” but it isn’t a mixed martial arts opponent he is talking about.

The 27-year-old featherweight was candid about his take on the Russia-Ukraine war with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, but called out the “evil” he believes has taken over the United States.

In an appearance Tuesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Mitchell said “elites are guilty of treason” as he shared his thoughts on the events unfolding in Eastern Europe and at home.

Carlson told viewers that Mitchell, who is also a cattle farmer from Arkansas, put the American position on Ukraine “succinctly” and “wisely” in his comments. He aired a clip from Mitchell’s remarks when asked about participating in some form to help defend Ukraine from the violent invasion by its neighbor, Russia.

(Video: Fox News)

“I’m not going nowhere to fight none of these wars for these politicians. I’m staying at home, and when the war comes to Arkansas, I will dig my boots in the ground, and I will die for everything I love. And I will not retreat,” he had said last week.

Elaborating on his comments with Carlson, Mitchell admitted his words were the “first thing” he thought to say when asked about Ukraine.

“How do you get to be so honest when everyone else is afraid to say what they think, and you just kind of say it?” Carlson laughed.

The outspoken MMA fighter noted that he does not have to worry about being fired from his job as many others who speak out do.

“There’s a lot of people out there that do agree with me but they can’t say things that I get to say, even though they think ’em,” he said, going on to add that fighting and dying for his home state would be the “greatest honor.”

“I’m far from not being a patriot,” he said.

“That would be the greatest thing I could do, is die defending this land,” he added. “I’m not afraid to do that. I’m just not wanting to go waste my life fighting for some of these battles that I don’t even believe in.”

“I believe our leaders, a lot of these elites are guilty of treason. What they’ve done is just treasonous,” Mitchell continued.

He admitted he did not know what the “agenda” is behind the push to get everyone behind the stance on Ukraine by the Biden administration and the mainstream media.

“All that money that’s going to the Biden family, through Hunter Biden…he doesn’t have the merit for that position he’s got over there. They’ve used our tax dollars to bribe him a job,” he said. “If me or you did what Nancy Pelosi did, got millions in stocks, we’d go to prison for insider trading…Their families are getting very greatly compensated while they’re taxing us to death.”

“These people are trying to destroy our country because they are profiting off the downfall of our country,” he added. “And if y’all don’t see what’s going on, you are blinded every day.”

Mitchell weighed in on how decisions made by political elites in Washington, D.C. have threatened the American way of life that he and other Americans hold dear.

“We’re tired of this politics crap that’s going on,” he told Carlson. “It’s evil is what’s going on. Evil has [taken] over this nation and we ain’t afraid of it. And we’re ready to fight.”

He explained how he has gotten a lot of support for his outspoken comments on the political state of the nation, and many have told him to protect himself since there are likely those who disagree who might try to “take you out.”

“That’s how worried people are about the state of their country,” Mitchell said. “They are worried about my health because I’m coming out and speaking the truth. That’s the type of suppression and oppression that we’re living in, brother.”

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