Passenger rages against ‘blue-eyed white devils,’ threatens to take ‘plane down’ until someone takes HIM down

A drunken unhinged American Airlines passenger has gone viral for ranting on a flight about “blue-eyed white devils’ and threatening to “take this plane down with all you mother f***ers on it.”

A video was taken of a Florida man named Shail Patel, 29, hitting a fed-up passenger and then being put in a headlock before being forced off the plane.

Patel was also accused of making an antisemitic slur at a flight attendant during American Airlines Flight 2506 which ended in a wild fight. The flight originated from the man’s hometown of Tampa, Florida, and was en route to Philadelphia on Tuesday.

“He had bloodshot eyes and reeked of alcohol — and yelled at other passengers, ‘F*** you blue-eyed white devils I’m gonna take this plane down with all you mother f***ers on it,’ according to a criminal affidavit,” the New York Post reported on Friday.

Problems started with Patel the minute he boarded the flight. The affidavit alleges that he “began acting erratically yelling and cursing at the passengers.”

As annoying and racist as he was while ranting, the worst was yet to come when the man turned violent. And he picked the wrong guy to pull it on. Patel reportedly slapped another passenger on the hand and in the face. Then he spat on them.

“Portions of the brouhaha, which erupted while the flight was still on the ground at Tampa International Airport, was captured on video circulating online, which showed Patel hurling an antisemitic slur at a flight attendant, and then being put in a headlock by a fellow passenger,” the New York Post noted.

Patel is seen in the video dressed in a striped button-down shirt. He called the attendant a “k*ke” which is a Jewish slur.

“I’m trying to get to my home country and you all people made it harder for me to get to my home country,” he shouted at passengers and crew aboard the flight.

The man in a blue hoodie that man-handled Patel wasn’t playing around and didn’t hesitate to take him down.

“Now put your hands down and don’t touch anybody,” the man yelled as he kept Patel in the headlock.

“I’m a police officer,” a woman in a backward hat claimed, approaching the two men. The man in blue informed her, “So am I.”

“Turn around and walk,” he told Patel, continuing to restrain his arms while shoving him forward. As he departed the aircraft, the man accused other flyers of “teaming up” on him.

The flight was delayed by 30 minutes over the incident. Police were called in to deal with Patel.

He was arrested and charged with two counts of battery and one count of disorderly intoxication. All counts are misdemeanors.

As of Friday, he was still in the Hillsboro County jail on a $2,150 bond.


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