Penzeys Spices CEO defiles MLK Jr with hateful tirade, likens holiday to ‘Republicans are racist weekend’

The CEO of Penzeys Spices, Bill Penzey, took it upon himself to change the extended Martin Luther King, Jr. Day weekend to “Republicans are racist weekend,” in a recent newsletter to his customers, in a deliberate attempt to anger Republicans, under the divisive guise of honoring the late civil rights icon.

Penzey’s rant reads like an homage to Black Lives Matter and the movement’s actions following the death of George Floyd in 2020, and suggests that Republicans fantasize about killing Black people.

“Remember how Republicans, going against a mountain of evidence to the contrary, once again lied and said BLM wasn’t a peaceful movement but instead terrorists inciting violence throughout the country and then raced out to buy a crapload of guns because maybe they were finally going to get their chance to shoot a Black person?” Penzey wrote. “What a bunch of racists.”

In addressing Republican voters at the end of his message, Penzey told them, “The racist label is one you will deservingly wear every day you stand with [the Republican Party]. Get used to it, or maybe instead, become a better person. The choice is yours. We will be here rooting for you to Choose Love.”

Mr. Penzey’s latest email to customers follows another headline-making correspondence, wherein he called Republican voters the “#1 threat to this country.”

Sadly, the highly offensive “Shock Jock” approach to publicity may have some merit. Many who had never heard of the spice company are now cursing their name, and Bill Penzey is receiving the national attention he seems to crave.

Following the coverage of his earlier newsletter, Penzey reached out and thanked FOX Business for “delivering [his] words to exactly where they needed to go.” The CEO did not respond to FOX Business’ request for comment on his “Republicans are racists weekend” message.

Meanwhile, FOX Business has reportedly heard from a slew of individuals offended by both of Mr. Penzey’s controversial recent emails, and not all were from Republicans.

A self-proclaimed “lifelong Penzeys customer” from a prominent investment firm who spoke with FOX Business on condition of anonymity, said he was so shocked when a colleague sent him the “Republicans are racists” email that he thought someone had hacked Penzeys Spices’ system.

“I am not a Democrat or a Republican, having never registered for either party. I am, however, first and foremost a patriot and as such I recognize the difficult time our country is facing right now as various factions inside and out try to foment discord amongst us,” the Penzeys customer wrote to FOX Business. “The fact that any company feels they can make such a patently absurd statement like this and not immediately be condemned by all is testament to how far things have deteriorated in this great country.”

“Our nation faces many challenges, and it’s incumbent on all Americans to find ways to bring us closer together to face the many challenges that lie ahead,” the longtime Penzeys customer continued. “Companies, politicians, celebrities – anyone who has a platform should be working towards that and recognized and rewarded for that contribution.”

He added, “In much the same way, those that seek to further create dissent and sow discord should be rebuked and face condemnation for their actions.”

Melissa Fine


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