‘People close to them die’: Anthony Weiner LOSES IT over the Clinton Body Count, ‘underage girls’

If you want to watch former Democratic New York Rep., current registered sex offender, and self-described “big boy” Anthony Weiner lose his mind, bring up the notorious “Clinton Body Count.”

After what felt like years of blissful silence, Weiner, who was sent to prison for sexting a 15-year-old girl crawled out from under his rock and onto the set of Patrick Bet-David‘s YouTube podcast and was promptly triggered by a question about the long list of people connected to the Clintons who dropped dead under mysterious circumstances, such as, according to a 2013 New York magazine article, “deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster, found dead with a revolver in his hand, just after filing years’ worth of delinquent Whitewater tax returns.”

And the list goes on.

From the same article, written by Alexa Tsoulis-Reay and titled, “Bill Clinton Killed 50 People”:

Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, reportedly close to indictment for corruption when the Air Force CT-43 carrying him went down outside Dubrovnik; former White House intern Mary Mahoney, shot execution style and deposited in the back room of a Georgetown Starbucks; Luther Parks, head of security at Clinton campaign HQ, said to have compiled an oppo-research file on Clinton’s “illicit” activities, who died of multiple gunshot wounds; former CIA director William Colby, who had recently turned his attention to the Vince Foster “suicide”; Kevin Ives and Don Henry, slain and then placed on railroad tracks, two of ten deaths with some connection to the Arkansas drug ring Clinton is believed by some to have helped cover up; two supposed mistresses; seven prominent Democratic fund-raisers, who died under mysterious circumstances; and 28 bodyguards, escorts, and Secret Service agents, along with more than a dozen other witnesses and former friends, rivals, journalists, and investigators.


“How is it that reputation that follows them is, ‘people close to them die?'” Bet-David asked Weiner. “Why is that a story that many people believe in?”

“Are the Clintons in their seventies yet?” a defensive Weiner shot back. “You don’t think I can make a list of other people who are 70-something years old and say, ‘this person died, that person died?'”

“How come they haven’t done that with [former President George] Bush?” Bet-David pressed. “He’s the same age.”

“I have no freakin’ idea why they haven’t,” Weiner claimed.

The relentless host kept pushing: “How is it so many people close to them died? I’m asking the question is what I’m doing!”

“You’re asking a bizarre question,” Weiner stated. “Did people die?”

“What pisses me off, and I’m going to say this again because apparently, you aren’t listening,” he continued. “You had a list of people off an obscure website — a conspiracy theory —  taking a Venn diagram of everyone that ever worked in the orbit of someone who served in public life for 50 years and you listed them, including people in the military, including strangers… and you are implying that something nefarious is afoot, both with the question and the list.”

“Hillary Clinton, she’s a big girl. I’m a big boy. You’re a big boy,” Weiner told Bet-David. “The people that you just listed — listen to me! — these are obscure people –”

The two then accused each other of being “bullies,” as the show spiraled out of control.

Weiner demanded Bet-David apologize to the family members of those who made the “Body Count” list.

“You are a dark human being, guy,” Bet-David said. “You’re pretty dark.”

“Listing those people on some obscure website,” Weiner argued, “dishonors their memory.”

While Wikipedia was mentioned, no one referenced the decidedly un-obscure New York magazine or Tsoulis-Reay, who wrote in 2013, “That’s a lot of people to know who died in unsolved murders, hard-to-explain suicides, and accidents, even for a very sociable politician.”

In another portion of the podcast, Weiner attacked presidential hopeful Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, claiming he’s “campaigning like a p*ssy.”

“The DeSantis mistake is the Churchill effect, believing that what was a giant issue two years ago that animates people is still a giant issue that animates them today,” he stated. “I think DeSantis is running a campaign based on things that are no longer as salient for his base.”

“Well, that’s the reason that he’s relevant,” fellow guest Adam Sosnick noted. “That’s kind of like the whole reason that he’s on the forefront of the campaign trail.”

“Well, excuse me, how do you define forefront?” Weiner scoffed. “He’s getting crushed. He’s trailing by forty points.”

“You can be amazingly good in your mind and for your voters’ mind in a certain issue, but once that issue recedes the salience of that and the importance of that issue recedes as well,” he insisted. “That’s the mistake that DeSantis is making.”

“And by the way, with all due respect, this is why people don’t like you and trust you,” Bet-David interjected. “This is why America doesn’t trust the establishment.”

Unfazed, Weiner blurted out, “DeSantis is campaigning like a p*ssy, is what he’s doing.”

“When you want to take out the king,” he stated, an apparent reference to former President Donald Trump, “you’ve got to mean it. He doesn’t. He’s running for four years from now.”



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