‘People of sheep’ breeds a ‘government of wolves’: Vivek Ramaswamy schools Cavuto

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy continues to demonstrate his mastery of the media when he brilliantly turned the tables on Fox News host Neil Cavuto who attempted to trick him into flipping on former President Donald J. Trump.

The political newcomer and biotech entrepreneur joined Cavuto on Tuesday’s edition of “Your World” where he discussed the latest indictment of Trump, this one brought by ambitious Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis over his insistence that the 2020 election was rigged against him in the state of Georgia.

Ramaswamy explained that Willis’ racketeering charges need to be put in context with the other cases that have been brought against the current GOP frontrunner which threaten to derail his hopes of returning to the White House.

(Video: Fox News)

“I can’t think we look at these indictments without the context of three other separate indictments. Several of which came in the last four months alone,” Ramaswamy responded after being asked why he has referred to the indictments against Trump as political persecutions. “These are four different indictments in the middle of an election. I think it sets an awful precedent in our country for the ruling party, the party in power to use police force to indict its political opponents in the middle of an election.”

Stating that it would be a lot easier for him if Trump was eliminated from competing, he added, “The way we win elections in this country, at least the way it should be, is that we convince the voters of this country of our vision and what we stand for, and that’s why I’ve said I would pardon at least for the federal crimes, I would pardon Donald Trump to help move this nation forward.”

After the man dubbed as the “CEO of Anti-Woke Inc.,” made the case that the country badly needs a change at the top, Cavuto jumped back in.

“I can understand that but there are 91 criminal charges in all Vivek, as you’re aware, over four criminal cases. They can’t all be politicized, can they? I mean, there’s something that the former president must have done in any one of these that struck you as wrong, if not illegal,” he asked, seeking to get the candidate on the record with a negative comment about Trump.

Ramaswamy answered, “I think, Neil, just because the government has brought a case, if we’re going to be a culture that now starts to say there must be something wrong if the government has charged 91 counts, I think that’s a… a people of sheep. And when the people behave like sheep, that breeds a government of wolves.”

“But you don’t think there’s anything…,” a flustered Cavuto shot back. “You don’t think there’s anything in this case that shows or even strongly hints of the former president trying to reverse that Georgia, that Georgia contest?”

After the two went back and forth with Ramaswamy refusing to take the Fox News host’s bait, the topic eventually turned to his statement that he’d pardon Trump if elected president.

“I think the right answer for this country is to move forward. Not to get into a weaponized tug of war between two political parties that then make a habit of using politicized police force against their political opponents, that is the stuff of banana republics. That is not what I want to see the United States of America devolve into.”

Ramaswamy also clarified remarks that he previously made suggesting that he would seek out Trump’s advice as a mentor if he wins, suggesting that he would unite with the ex-POTUS against the deep state.

“I brought up Donald Trump because I don’t think he would serve in my cabinet but the role I’d want to see him play is to yes, be an adviser on understanding where he might have fallen short if he were to do it again on shutting down the administrative state,” he told Cavuto.

“Because that’s the top of my domestic policy agenda, shut down that administrative bureaucracy, shut down the deep state, reduce the federal employee headcount by over 75 percent…I’ve read the law, Neil, civil service protections they don’t apply to mass lay-offs, and mass lay-offs are absolutely what I am bringing to the D.C. bureaucracy. But I would like to not have to learn those lessons all over again but to build on where President Trump left off with the America First agenda,” he added.

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