‘Pillar of the community’ shoots Chipotle worker in quarrel over guacamole

In the latest outbreak in America’s epidemic of fast food violence, a Detroit man felt so strongly about this guacamole that he busted a cap into a Chipotle worker.

The incident went down at the Mexican-American eatery’s location at 26147 Evergreen Road in Southfield on Friday evening when the “pillar of the community” began arguing with the 21-year-old employee in a quarrel that rapidly escalated before a gunshot rang out.

“It was loud, and then we all just ran out,” said Chipotle customer Michael Beals who recorded the incident on video, which went viral after being posted to social media. “I wasn’t really thinking… there was going to be a shot, but there was.”

“I was just eating a bowl and I heard shouting. And then I looked over, they’re arguing. One of the workers went to the back, I don’t know why, and then when he was in the back, the customer walked around the counter, tried to grab his food and put it in a bag,” another witness to the shooting told Fox 2 Detroit. “Then the employee came back, and they started fighting, and then we heard a gunshot and just ran out as quick as we could.”

(Video: YouTube/Fox 2 Detroit)

The victim who was struck in the leg was taken to a local hospital while the suspect, a 31-year-old Detroit thug beat feet and was soon arrested by the police.

“He took his time getting out… probably 30 seconds after (the shot was fired),” Beales said, according to Fox 2. “I was in my car and I saw him just walk out to his car, close the door, and just drive off – he didn’t speed off or anything, it was weird to see.”

Users on X, formerly known as Twitter, weighed in on the shooting over something as trivial as guacamole.

Just another day in a crime-ridden Democrat-controlled outpost of Joe Biden’s America.

Chris Donaldson


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