Planned Parenthood calls on parents to ASK toddlers if they are a girl or a boy

From the womb to the tomb took on a new meaning as guidance from Planned Parenthood prompted some to suggest, “Maybe don’t ask an organization that mass murders children for parenting advice.”

While the organization rooted in eugenicist Margaret Sanger has oft denied abortion as its main focus, they’ve repeatedly closed their “clinics” in states that have returned to banning the practice. Still, they haven’t limited themselves to harming the unborn, as guidance on navigating “gender identity” with kids drew attention on social media.

While published in November, activist Scarlett Johnson recently drew attention to the organization’s guidance titled, “4 Facts You Need to Know About Your Kids, Gender Identity and Being Trans” highlighting the position, “However they identify, you must affirm,” by snarking, “Question: What if they think they are a space alien?”

Her post included a screen grab from Planned Parenthood’s website that read, “As soon as your kid is able to understand the concept of gender, they will tell you their gender. To create a safer space, you might consider asking directly: ‘Are you a boy or a girl?’ — and being open to whatever answer they give you. Note: If you tell them they’re wrong, it will NOT change their gender identity (see fact below), but it could make them worry they’re not lovable the way they are.”

The organization’s “fact below” was a link to a post on the website of the American Academy of Pediatrics that purported to “debunk a theory of social contagion” by pointing to comparable numbers of boys and girls experiencing gender dysphoria.

Planned Parenthood further peddled kids younger than three were able to determine their own gender and that being unsupportive of that could lead to their being suicidal.

“We can all agree that, as parents and caregivers, nothing matters more than our kids’ safety. If your child is trans, love and acceptance goes a long way toward helping to keep them safe from self harm,” contended the guidance.

Users on social media were ready to point out the mixed messaging from the abortion providers with one readily warning, “Maybe don’t ask an organization that mass murders children for parenting advice. Just a thought.”

Another user suggested, “They’re just completely indifferent to what happens to the kids they’re targeting after they use them for their own purposes. That’s why what they’re doing is the moral equivalent of pedophilia.”

Still, a considerable number of others lamented their own childhoods growing up without their parents affirming their identities whether they were certain of their status as a costumed superhero, a mythical or extinct creature or, in some cases, even as an inanimate object.

“When I was three, I told my parents I wanted to be a fire truck. Not a fireman. Not a fire truck [driver]. A fire truck. Apparently,” mocked Michael Quinn Sullivan of the Texas Scorecard, “they were supposed to affirm that by replacing my hands and feet with wheels and feeding [me] diesel.”

Kevin Haggerty


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