Poll shows Trump beating Kamala worse than Biden; why Dems have a perfect excuse to cut her

A new poll should be a warning for those who are clamoring for VP Kamala Harris to replace the flailing President Joe Biden, she may not be the winning ticket that they believe she is.

With growing calls for the geriatric leader to step aside after his CNN debate dumpster fire, the loopy veep has emerged as the choice to go head to head with former President Donald J. Trump but while she may satisfy the party’s devotion to DEI, voters could have other thoughts.

According to the post-debate HarrisX poll that was published Friday, the presumptive GOP nominee is beating Harris by 7 points as the buzz builds that she could soon be bumped to the top of the Democrat ticket.

The same poll shows that Trump is leading Biden by only 4 points, which considering that Harris has consistently polled to be even more unpopular than her boss, shows that she may not be the silver bullet that her supporters are hoping.

Harris is “the top alternative” to replace Biden if he quits the race, according to a recent Reuters report, mainly because she would be able to take control of the campaign money that’s been sluicing into Biden’s coffers.

But there could be one issue that’s problematic for the ambitious Harris. More than anyone else, she has been complicit in the cover-up over Biden’s deteriorating mental state, something that has now become so obvious that no amount of media gaslighting can hide it anymore.

Axios reporter Alex Thompson pointed this out during a recent CNN appearance when asked about the push to install Harris as Biden’s replacement.

(Video: CNN)

“Alex, where do you think this sort of, I mean, it’s all very quiet, it’s all behind the scenes, but man, the elbows are being thrown,” Kasie Hunt asked during “CNN This Morning” on Thursday. “The conversations are being had among the people that would would step up if Biden stepped aside.”

Thompson replied, “Kamala Harris is the clear frontrunner, and it’s not clear who, if anybody, would actually challenge her for the nomination, but the thing is that she, you know, we talked about credibility.”

“She is going to have to, first of all, answer the fact that she has been one of the main public validators of his health. Remember, after the Hur report, she went out there and said he is with it, he is commanding everything in the room,” he continued. “You know, she’s going to have to sit down and answer tough questions. And we talked about Joe Biden hasn’t really been out there with reporters. You know, Kamala Harris, besides that initial CNN and MSNBC interview right after the debate, she hasn’t really been out there answering questions.”

“And she’s going to, there going to be if Joe Biden drops out, the first week that she is out there is going to be critical,” he added. “Because if there’s any signs of chinks in the armor, there are many, as you just said, there are many people in the wings that are ready to pounce as soon as she shows weakness.”

There is also the matter of Trump himself who has to this point gone easy on Harris other than his campaign tabbing her as the “cackling copilot” of the Biden administration. That would instantly change once she was formally promoted and the kid gloves come off.

Chris Donaldson


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