‘Prepare to ugly cry’: Chevrolet getting kudos for holiday ad

In a sign that corporations may be getting squeamish about pushing the “woke” cultural agenda during the holiday season, Chevrolet went back in history to a day when advertisements were actually made to appeal to the customer base.

The auto-manufacturing giant appealed to traditional American values with its lengthy spot titled “A Holiday to Remember” guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings of those nostalgic for a simpler time when white people weren’t erased from corporate advertising that also relentlessly promotes homosexuality and more recently, transgenderism.

The five-minute ad begins with a family visit to the grandparents where sadly, grandma seems to be experiencing symptoms of dementia, not recognizing her grandkids and confusedly staring out the window until her granddaughter decides to take her for a ride in an old Chevy.

(Video: YouTube/Chevrolet)

After buckling Grandma in, the young lady proceeds to take her on a ride through scenes evoking images of small-town America, during which the elderly woman perks up as they take a trip down memory lane in the vehicle to the sounds of a train whistle and the classic John Denver song “Sunshine On My Shoulders” that topped the charts back in 1973.

They drive into town where the vehicle stops for the passing train and past a yard with an inflatable Santa and Christmas lights is just the ticket to bring Grandma out of her fog and she suddenly remembers her husband’s name, ordering her granddaughter to return home because “Bill” isn’t capable of cooking the holiday dinner.

When they arrive back at the house, Grandma recognizes her husband in a moment designed to bring a tear to the eyes of potential Chevy buyers and while cynically manipulative in today’s twisted environment of Dylan Mulvaney, it drew praise on social media for cutting against the zeitgeist.

“Wow!!! This is how you remember what’s valuable in life. Kudos to Chevy for this one. Prepare to ugly cry,” conservative commentator Chad Prather posted on X, previously known as Twitter.

More rave reviews for the emotionally powerful ad.

Whether the Chevy ad is the beginning of a trend and if other companies follow suit remains to be seen but Corporate America may see the writing on the wall that the overwhelming majority of consumers view the “woke” cultural revolution with pure revulsion.

Chris Donaldson


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