Pro-criminal leftists rage when Guardian Angels tackle a migrant shoplifter live on ‘Hannity’

Editor’s Note: Police said on Wednesday afternoon that the man detained by the Guardian Angels is not a “migrant,” but a New Yorker from the Bronx. Additionally, he was only issued a summons for disorderly behavior and is not being formally accused of shoplifting, as was mentioned by Sliwa during the live segment. Click here for more information.

Pro-criminal leftists are raging mad that the Guardian Angels detained a criminal illegal alien shoplifter live on national television.

The citizen’s arrest occurred during a live segment Tuesday evening of Fox News’ “Hannity.”


Host Sean Hannity was interviewing Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa live on national television late Tuesday when suddenly Sliwa’s fellow crew members who’d been standing by his side a second earlier jumped off camera for reasons then unknown.

Shortly thereafter, Sliwa revealed to Hannity that his crew had just “taken down” a criminal illegal alien shoplifter.

“Our guys have just taken down one of the migrant guys right here on the corner of 42nd and 7th while all this is taking place. They’ve taken over!” he said.

The camera then panned to the crew, who were busy detaining the criminal illegal alien by forcing him to the ground and restraining him.

Later in the program, Sliwa explained to Hannity exactly what had happened.


“He [the criminal illegal alien] had been shoplifting,” he said. “The Guardian Angels spotted him, stopped him, he resisted, and let’s just say we gave him a little pain compliance. His mother back in Venezuela felt the vibrations. He’s sucking concrete. The cops scraped him off the asphalt. He’s on his way to jail, but they’ll cut him loose.”

“We gotta take 42nd Street back, Sean. These illegals think they own this street. They think they rule the night. This is our country. If they can’t abide by the rules, then we’re gonna kick ’em back from where they came,” he added.

Not surprisingly, the Guardian Angels’ quick work taking down a criminal illegal alien shoplifter sparked massive outrage from the virulently pro-criminal left.

Look (*Leftist profanity alert):

Did you get that? For taking down a criminal illegal alien shoplifter — and doing so with the police’s blessing — Sliwa is a “fascist” who deserved getting shot in 1992 by unscrupulous gangster thugs.

THIS is the left, folks: Full of hate for the good guys, and nothing but love for the bad guys.

This incident comes just a week or so after a group of criminal illegal aliens assaulted two New York Police Department officers. FYI, none of the leftists shrieking over the Guardian Angels’ takedown of an illegal shoplifter had anything to say about that, surprise, surprise.

Following the assault on the two NYPD officers, all of the violent illegals were released without bail, sparking outrage from the anti-criminal, pro-police right. It’s believed they’ve since absconded to California.

“Cops believe the group could have hopped on a bus bound for California on Wednesday after giving phony names to a church-affiliated nonprofit group that helps migrants get rides out of the city,” the New York Post reported last week, citing law enforcement sources.

But where did the nonprofit get the tickets/vouchers for the illegals to flee the city? From the city itself, it appears.

“[T]he city’s Office of Emergency Management has been supplying travel vouchers to migrants who approach participating nonprofit groups and ask for help leaving the overburdened city,” according to Fox News.

“Those vouchers can be used for various means of transportation, including buses,” Fox News reported last Friday.

Sadly, the criminal illegal alien shoplifter the Guardian Angels detained Tuesday will likely be “cut loose” just as Sliwa predicted and then make their way to someplace like California …

Vivek Saxena


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